My Visit with Santa

M&D’s suggested trip to visit Santa sounded innocent enough and I was curious to see the actual person behind all this hype, folklore and poor fashion taste, so I consented. On the way there, I got caught up in all M&D’s excitement and by the time we parked, I could talk about nothing other than ‘anta.’ I brought Pear Bear along for the ride and noticed his quiet unresponsiveness, but thought nothing of it at the time. Once inside, I happily made my way through all the awe and woo of sparkly, christmasy toddler-temptations and managed to make it to the tree-lined area of His Santaness. And this is where the story, and the toddler, fall apart...

Santa was big and weird-looking and did not fit the fuzzy, happy, cartoon character of my toddler imagination. He made fun of Pear Bear (addressed him as ‘Care Bear’ ???) and broke the ultimate toddler golden rule: he looked right into my eyes and tickled my chin. The Indiginity!!

I decided it was time to leave, but M&D had a different plan. They handed me off to the bearded maniac and suggested we document the whole sordid affair with a picture. I would have none of it, and decided for posterity’s sake, to ‘show it like it is’ and screamed for the entire picture-taking event. M&D thought it was ‘cute’ anyway and displayed it proudly next to last year’s almost identical picture.

(Note to self: be very weary if M&D suggest visiting the Easter Bunny this spring!!)

Sweet Santa Dreams,

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