My Loot

Well, the insanity of Christmas has come and gone, and I am left with a huge, overwhelming pile of toys, books and other unidentifiable toddler objects. My favorites so far are my very own vacuum cleaner that makes noise and 'yites up,' my very own DJ station that I can sing my ABCs into, and my little wooden fruits and veggies that I can cut and drool upon and then share with my play buddy. These things are neat. The other multitude of 'semi-neat' toys were cast aside and hope to be played with some day when the 'neatness' wears off of the above 3 toys.

Other Xmas-related activities included:

  • Seeing Tutu, Koka & BreeBree and reliving the whole present opening festivities again.
  • Eating about 5 bites of the massive Christmas dinner mama, gamma and tutu cooked and declaring 'all-done.'
  • Driving down Peacock Lane and yelling "NAY NAY!" out the window to the horsies.
  • Seeing Unka, Gigi & Jett the next day and reliving the present opening thing yet again (does this ever end??)
  • Bestowing upon my wonderful gamparents and mama the ultimate toddler Christmas gift: the snottiest, nastiest cold you can imagine!!

Time to help mama 'bo nose'



It's "Mismas" Eve!!

The big day is almost here and I've been ever-the-so-helpful little toddler elf:
  • Help wrap presents (strategically place tape and bows; sometimes on myself).
  • Carry presents from wrapping area to Xmas tree (sometimes sneak peek at present).
  • Return presents that have been unwrapped to be rewrapped.
  • Rearrange Xmas tree ornaments (only one casualty so far).
  • Point out every santa, snowman and reindeer in the house and on Xmas tree.
With all the company we've been having, I've picked up a lovely new habit of opening the bathroom door on people. I like the funny surprised looks and the screams of excitement that come from the potty-er inside. Mama is trying to break me of the habit, but I (and the potty-ers) seem to be having too much fun with it. So I'll risk a few more time-out sessions to continue the 'potty surprise' game.

Aren't I fun??


Fun with Gamma & Gampa

G&G taught me this fun new game called Hide & Seek. It goes like this:

G: "1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,10, ready or not here I come!!"
H: [Giggles from under dining room table]
G: "Wheeeeeere's Holdennnnnnnnnnn???"
H: [Laughter from under dining room table]
G: "Is he heeeeeeeeeeere?"
H: [Hysterical laughter from under dining room table]
G: "Found You!!"

Round Two:

H: "2, 7, 4, 3, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, he come!!" [wander from room to room, spy kitty, chase kitty for awhile...]
G: "I'm hiiiiiiiiiding"
H: "Gaaaaaaaaaampaaaaaaaaaa?"
G: "I'm hiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiding"
H: "4, 7, 2, 8, 9, 10"
G: [patiently waiting for toddler, comes out into plain view]
H: "Found oooooo!!"

Is there anything more fun in the world than Gamparents???



Ho Ho Holden

Just poking my head in to say hi....HI!!! Gamma and Gampa are here so I have a captive audience for the next 2 weeks (hey, if gamma and gampa are here, who exactly is reading my blog???) Anyway, I'm getting excited for the big Xmas day. The presents are starting to pile up and I've learned (the hard way) to keep my mitts off of them. I've only broken one ornament so far, yay me! We've been cooped up inside for awhile due to the pretty ice storm that blew in over the weekend, so to relieve my impending angst the G's and I went house shopping this afternoon. I'm thinking they should move into the house right next door but I don't think our neighbor would appreciate a toddler arriving at 7am for a Gampaaaaaaaa wake-up call.

OK off to poke at some more ornaments...



My Visit with Santa

M&D’s suggested trip to visit Santa sounded innocent enough and I was curious to see the actual person behind all this hype, folklore and poor fashion taste, so I consented. On the way there, I got caught up in all M&D’s excitement and by the time we parked, I could talk about nothing other than ‘anta.’ I brought Pear Bear along for the ride and noticed his quiet unresponsiveness, but thought nothing of it at the time. Once inside, I happily made my way through all the awe and woo of sparkly, christmasy toddler-temptations and managed to make it to the tree-lined area of His Santaness. And this is where the story, and the toddler, fall apart...

Santa was big and weird-looking and did not fit the fuzzy, happy, cartoon character of my toddler imagination. He made fun of Pear Bear (addressed him as ‘Care Bear’ ???) and broke the ultimate toddler golden rule: he looked right into my eyes and tickled my chin. The Indiginity!!

I decided it was time to leave, but M&D had a different plan. They handed me off to the bearded maniac and suggested we document the whole sordid affair with a picture. I would have none of it, and decided for posterity’s sake, to ‘show it like it is’ and screamed for the entire picture-taking event. M&D thought it was ‘cute’ anyway and displayed it proudly next to last year’s almost identical picture.

(Note to self: be very weary if M&D suggest visiting the Easter Bunny this spring!!)

Sweet Santa Dreams,