She's Here!!

I'm a big brother!!!
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Introducing our newest family member...my very own little sister...Esmé Claire Sheets!!! She was born February 22 - one day after my birthday and the same day as Gamma's birthday!! She weighed 6 lbs. 8 oz. and was 19 inches long...another string bean joins the family!

See her flickr set here!

So here's baby sister's debut story for those interested. I, the toddler, have a rather limited perspective on the whole birth process, so bear with me...

2/22 11:30am: Mama, dada, Tutu and I happily shopping at Costco. Doctor calls to say delivery table available and to please proceed to the hospital. (Not exactly the traditional "Honey, it's time" scenario)

3:00pm: Mama all settled into her (not) comfy hospital bed and happily watching HGTV (special treat!). Doctor started the pitocin and everything fine and dandy. 4cm and 80% effaced.

5:20pm: In the middle of "What Not to Wear," some insane person decides to break mama's water.

5:30pm: 7cm and wanting epidoodle.

5:45pm: Wanting epidoodle NOW.

6:00pm: Get epidoodle.

6:05pm: Waiting for epidoodle to work...

6:15pm: Still waiting...

6:30pm: Get checked - 10cm and fully effaced. No epidoodle for mama today.

6:43pm: Baby sister is born!!!!!

So, a very happy ending to a not so fun labor. But baby girl was worth it! I'm a great big brother. I asked Esmé to read to me last night before bed, but it seems she still has some learning to do. Maybe next week...

Hugs to all,


Official 2.0 Release...

My new "bobot" shirt
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OK, so my pre-release party was a little fancier, but I still had fun today on my real bday. We opened presents, ate pizza, stuffed ourselves with bday cake and took looooong naps to sleep off our sugary highs. My favorite present was my very own robot shirt that mama sewed for me. Check out my flickr set for more pics!

Latest news on the baby front: mama's doctor wanted to induce her today, but since it’s my bday, mama thankfully talked her into tomorrow (to avoid future “it’s my birthday” “no it’s MY birthday” wars). So now baby sister's on the waiting list to be born tomorrow. I have no idea what that means… I guess the doctor calls and says, “Mel...party of 2...your delivery table is ready...” Geez!

Excuse me while I go sleep off my sugar high...


I'm a String Bean

I had my 2.0 doctor's appointment today: I'm 34 in. tall (50%) have a 49 cm. head (75%) and weigh 24.5 lbs (10%). I'm basically a string bean with an inflated head! I did manage to impress the doctor with my charm and wit, and giggled uncontrollably during the exam. It was all fun and games until the mean nurse came by that likes to shoot vaccines into unsuspecting toddlers. Ouch. At least I got a plastic dinasour out of the deal...

Nothing much else to report. I was such a good boy at my dr appt that mama decided to lift our house arrest and venture to OMSI for fun and frolic. Always fun times there, and I came home caked in sand from visiting the sandbox after the water fountain. Mama always forgets to do those activities in reverse (lucky me)

Oh and not that mama likes when I get shots, but I did take a loooooong peaceful nap afterwards (my signature post-vaccination nap) that she managed to finish up a few projects. I'll try to post pics soon.

Over and Out,



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I almost forgot to write about my most recent milestone: today I got my very first song stuck in my head!!

It was "EEP OPP ORK Ah-Ah" by the Violent Femmes (from the Jetson's episode where Judy is in love with Jet Screamer). I was happily singing away when mama realized what "eep, ork, ah-ah, flyyyyyyyy me" meant. Aunt Steppie put this on my bday CD and I think it's been stuck in everybody's head ever since...and I've proven that toddlers are not immune to sticky song lyrics!!

OK, happy toddling again...

Counting down

So we are about settled into our new temporary life. We've all survived the first week of mama being home with me all day and it's actually been alot of fun! Portland helped us out a little by being sunny, bright and cheerful and allowing us to spend time at the park and go on leisurely walks around the neighborhood. Messy art class has been a toddler's dream: all the glue, glitter, pens, paper and paint that you can get your hands (and hair, and clothes...) on. And I've been able to catch up with a few friends that I lost touch with for awhile.

Alas, it will only be short lived. Mama's doctor has put us on 'house arrest' until baby sister arrives because her bud pressure is rising (couldn't have anything to do with my new "NO mommy, DADDY do it" phase, could it?) So we will just have to concoct our own messy art projects here at home and think up other creative activities to spend the remaining 11.5 hours of the day doing...Any suggestions? Mama didn't seem to go for painting and glittering the kitty...

Happy Toddeling,


Holden 2.0!

robot cake
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I'm finally getting around to posting my Bday party blog (yes I got mama's slacker gene). Mama decided on a Sci-fi themed party with lots and lots of robots. She realizes that although I drooled and gushed over Thomas and Elmo in the Birthday Express catalog, this very well may be the last year that she could dictate my party theme so went ahead full force (although she's already hinting about a kung-fu party for Bday #3).

So I set up a flickr set for you to peruse. It's my first ever set, so I hope I did it right...

Anyway, the party was a hit. Mama & Steppie made robot costumes for us toddlers to toddle around in. They made little felt robots for party favors. And even made the robot centerpiece to watch over everyone's food and alcohol consumption. The only thing mama FORGOT to do was videotape and take decent pictures (thanks to aunt steppie for remembering to take any pics at all!!)

So, the memory of my 2.0 release party exists happily in our minds alongside a few fuzzy pics. (Actually, the party was celebrating my pre-2.0 release as I won't actually be 2 until Feb 21. This was mama's sneaky way of getting out of throwing a bday party when she's 10 months pregnant!!)

Sweet Dreams!