Letter B

Just took it easy today...played with some tinker toys, went on a walk, stopped to sniff the leaves...

Not much to report on, so I'll sing you my favorite song:

(sung to 'Let it Be')

When I find I can't remember
What comes after "A" and before "C,"
My mother always whispers,
"Letter B."

She told me "B" starts "Big" and "bird"
and "Ball" and "bat" and "battery."
Yes, buh-buh-buh-buh-buh means Letter B.

Letter B, letter B, letter B, letter B.
She whispers "Buh-buh-buh means Letter B."

And when I feel downhearted,
Mother whispers "B" words constantly,
Like "bib," "Bob," "Bulb," and "bubble," Letter B.

Now in my hour of darkness
There's a sound I know will comfort me,
It's the buh-buh-buh-buh-buh of Letter B.

Letter B, letter B, letter B, letter B.
My mother whispers "B" words, Letter B.



70th Avenue Tricycle Gang

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That's the name of my soon-to-be gang of tricycle-toting toddlers. And this is fearsome ME on my new tricycle. Aren't I the fiercest?? Grrrrrr.

My favorite pasttimes these days are:
Riding my new tricycle
Pushing my new tricycle around the house
Standing on my new tricycle when nobody's looking
Attempting to drive my new tricycle over kitty
Throwing tantrums if M&D make me do anything non-tricycle related

M&D have started preparing me (and themselves) for a trip to Santa BlahBlah in October. They are terrified of taking me on an airplane, but I can't wait! Can you think of anything more grand than spending two straight hours on an airplane with a nap-deprived toddler? I wonder if they'll let me bring my tricycle.




Sad Face

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This is my sad face. I'm very sad for all the people on the Gulf Coast that have had their lives ruined, and I'm mad at our government who has failed miserably to help them. I'm especially sad for the babies and toddlers and mamas that are there. I've decided to donate my old baby clothes and toys to them. I wish I could have them all come live in my room with me.


I'm Baaaaaack!!

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Hi Blog! I haven't posted in awhile, but seeing as how I need mama's help to post and she's had the icky sickies, it's not entirely my fault. Anyway, it's been awhile, and must catch up...been BUSY!

So, big boy that I am, (or am becoming) I went peepee on my brand-spankin new potty! I just sat my naked little butt down, let out one tiny fart and peed about a teaspoon of peepee. Check it out here.

I also had a visit from gampa and gamma! They came up to visit me from that mysterious Santa BlahBlah place. We played and played and played. We went to a garage sale and bought the most fabulous of toys called Tinker Toys that are now my latest obsession. Daddy is obsessed, too and we tinker the most fabulous of creations together. Check them (us) out here.

Finally, mama's starting to feel a little better, so we went berry picking on Sauvie Island yesterday. We found a special farm that breeds sweet, genetically-engineered thornless blackberries. We threw caution to the wind and ate the little mutations, and enjoyed the fact that I could help pick without getting tangled up in blackberry bramble. If I start growing an extra head, well just blame M&D... Anyway, here I am picking away.

Hopefully that will satisfy some picture-hungry grandparents for awhile.

nigh-nigh sweet blog!