Just for the record...

I'm starting to get into the whole 'mine' thing these days, and mama found this cute little tidbit of information which I agree with wholeheartedly:

Toddler Property Laws
1. If I like it, it's mine
2. If it's in my hand, it's mine
3. If I can take it from you, it's mine
4. If I had it a little while ago, it's mine
5. If it's mine, it must NEVER appear to be yours in any way
6. If I'm doing or building something, ALL pieces are mine
7. If it looks just like mine, it IS mine

I'd also add that if it's your's, it's usually mine, too. And don't even try taking me shopping anymore, because everything in the store is fair game these days. M&D are devising pretty clever ways of distracting me from all the *neat things* I've apparently missed out on on all previous shopping trips. But I usually end up getting to take home one *neat thing* or other. Today it was a big green ball from Target (we were only there to escape the heat, but managed to spend $28 on pretty much nothing). Anyway, M&D have a feeling my 'mine games' are going to get much worse as I approach the dreaded 'terrible twos'!!! Mua-haha.



Bad, Bad Blogger!

I know, I've neglected you, sweet blog...but with molars and garage sales and lots of other exciting stuff happening, I have no time to sit my toddler butt down in front of the computer and type. But, here I am to give a little update before I'm beckoned by some toddler curiosity or other...

On the garage sale front - we did well! We didn't make much money, but managed to get rid of ALL our CRAP! Well, most of it. I helped M&D out by taking the funny little price tag stickers off all the stuff and sticking them to various parts of my body. It was fun hanging out with Unka and Xev and talking with all our neighbors. We ended up giving most stuff away at the end, but were just happy to get it off our hands and into hands that will appreciate it (or, turn around and sell it at their g.sale in a year or so...ha!)

On the molars front - not such great news. I'm still fighting to get these things through my gums. I have the two top ones through, and one bottom one came up, took a look around and then timidly retracted back down...ARGGG!

Anyway, I must cut this short. I promise not to neglect my blogging duties and will ask mama for help in posting a cute video of me doing an insane rendition of 'ring around the rosie.'

Toddler Toodles!


Where the Blog?

I swear I blogged last night, but I guess it got sucked up into outer space or something. Oh well...I'll try again.

Mama and I had a disagreement today over whether the purple bulbous object on my high chair tray was a hat (my opinion) or a grape (mama's opinion). We argued for quite awhile: "at...grape...at!...nooo, grape!...AT...GRAPE!!" until I picked it up, put it on my head and demonstrated to mama that yes, it was indeed a hat. Holden 1, mama 0.

I also made the first, ever so tiniest of baby steps toward potty training. After lunch, whilst playing with my beloved tractor, I looked daddy in the eye and pronounced a barely discernable 'poop.' Daddy sniffed and discovered that yes, I had made a deposit to the diaper bank. I'm thinking this communication thing might actually be a useful skill!!

Off to slumberland...


Diaper Dance

Originally uploaded by melmelmel.
Here's me, boogie-ing out sans clothing (except for the obligatory diaper and tennies). You wouldn't know it from this picture, but I was quite miserable today. If getting your top two molars in at the same time isn't bad enough, my BOTTOM two decided to come in as well. So I'm currently in the process of sprouting FOUR humongous teeth through my poor, aching gums. M&D are thinking of buying stock in Baby Orajel.



Daddy's helper

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Daddy has ALOT of work to do on our house: finish the basement, build the kitchen porch, reroof the garage, build the deck, landscape the yard, etc etc etc... So, to help him out I've donned my handy dandy garage sale found toolbelt and am raring to go! I need to gain a few more pounds, but until then I don't mind that the toolbelt falls to my ankles every so often. You can't see it in this picture, but I also scored a toolbench to keep and organize all my tool treasures. With a little toddler help, daddy will be done with this monster project of a house in no time!! And when we're done, we can start in on Koka's monster house project, too! Three generations of building expertise...

sweet tablesaw dreams!!


Molar Misery

Yes, I'm donning two shiny new upper molars that mama, dada and I endured sleeplessness and misery to obtain last night. This teething business stinks, especially considering the fact that the pain and torture of breaking these pearlies through poor, swollen gums results in a *temporary* set of teeth? All this work for a trip from the tooth fairy, maybe resulting in $10 net gain if I'm lucky?? Where's the ROI in THAT???

Anyway, aside from the teething fiasco, I managed to participate in some enjoyable activites this past 4th of July weekend:
  • playing tennis with M&D (well, chasing balls around the court while M&D played 'volley around the toddler').
  • strollering in a parade, wearing my big funny glasses and waving at all the other strollerers.
  • coveting my first rootbeer at a neighborhood ice cream social (I normally regard glasses full of liquid as playthings, but not THIS stuff - I was careful not to drop a single molecule of this precious fluid)
  • hanging out with my little buddy, Holland and leading her intrepid daddy on toddler escapades around Kennedy School.
  • sleeping through the multitude of firework displays that our patriotic neighbors so loyally set off.

A big weekend for a little boy...

sweet, toothless dreams!!



Happy Bday Gampa!!!

It's actually a belated bday wish since the blogsite was being fussy last night and taking forever to load. So, Happy Bday gampa - I'll give you big slobbery kisses when I see you in August!!

Guess What! We have a new addition to our fambly!!! Her name is Bean2, but we will call her Bean for short. Daddy took our old, devalued Bean to the minivan glue factory today and traded her for a brand spankin sparkly new van. She looks exactly like Bean1, but without the post-traumatic stress disorder. We were sad to see Bean1 go, but thank her for so bravely and courageously saving our lives in our icky accident.

If flickr wasn't being a pain right now (what is it with these fussy websites?) you'd be looking at a picture of me in my new-to-me cozy coupe car. Mama's been looking for a cozy coupe just like zoe's and spotted a FREE one, along with a cute little toddler playset on our way home from Redmond. Luckily, they were only a block from our house so we sped home and sent daddy racing back with pepe (our handy dandy toy-finding truck) to bring them home. Now, every time we pull into our driveway I greet my wonderful new toys with "weeeng" (aka "swing") and we play and play and play. Happy Toddler!! PLUS, I finally got the haircut I've been waiting for (although when mama was cutting my hair, I was picking the cut pieces up and sticking them back on my head for fun) AND the SUN CAME OUT!! Yay! I'm still not quite sure what happened to our Spring, but now we have summer, so it's ok :-)

Happy day!