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Well here I am again... sitting upon the lap of Mr. Claws. I did much better this year, although the smile on my face is not a happy one. It is the begrudging smile of a toddler who's just been told that if he smiles pretty he can tell the big guy just exactly what he wants for Christmas (a guitar) and get the heck out of this merry hellhole. So although my smile is forced and my Christmas socks are dominating the picture, I am secure in the knowledge that I will see said guitar under the tree on Christmas morning. I know Santa understands my request since "a guitar, a guitar, a guitar" became my mantra during the life-long picture-taking session. And I do have to admire my little sister's cunningness for if you look closely at her hand gesture, she's subtly telling Santa and all his merry little elves just what she thinks of this picture taking business!

Props go out to daddy for fixing mommy's computer. It died, and she lost all her emails and addresses, BUT he was able to recover her missing D: drive. So, picture CDs may be a viable Christmas solution this year. yippee.

Speaking of drive, Miss Esme Claire has discovered the ever-delightful but exhausting feature of existance known as "mobility." She can crawl, cruise, pull-up, roll, shimmy, creep and clamber to any and all places her little 9-month-old heart desires. This is exciting and terrifying all at once to everyone involved and although M&D have experienced this before with the infant version of myself, they are still novices at the art of keeping the baby out of trouble. Their only solace lies in the fact that she's not walking...but they fear that day is right around the corner...

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