Ho Ho Holden

Just poking my head in to say hi....HI!!! Gamma and Gampa are here so I have a captive audience for the next 2 weeks (hey, if gamma and gampa are here, who exactly is reading my blog???) Anyway, I'm getting excited for the big Xmas day. The presents are starting to pile up and I've learned (the hard way) to keep my mitts off of them. I've only broken one ornament so far, yay me! We've been cooped up inside for awhile due to the pretty ice storm that blew in over the weekend, so to relieve my impending angst the G's and I went house shopping this afternoon. I'm thinking they should move into the house right next door but I don't think our neighbor would appreciate a toddler arriving at 7am for a Gampaaaaaaaa wake-up call.

OK off to poke at some more ornaments...


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