Big Boy Blues

Wow, can you believe it's already October? What the heck happened to the summer? It's like I blinked one day and suddenly mama is dressing me in sweaters and talking about Hollow Beans.

Speaking of which...this hollow bean business is creeping me out. Everywhere I look there are spider webs and eerie floating mummy heads and worst of all...COSTUMES! I am not a fan of this crazy dress up business. Mama tried dressing me in a yoda costume and I would have none of it. When people ask me what I want to be for Hollow Bean, I tell them "Holden." And that's that. Well, I might don the nifty cowboy rainboots that mama bought for me on ebay, only because she is trying so hard to ease my qualms.

In other news, Miss Esme Claire (who, incidently, doesn't mind her fairy pixie costume) is imminently close to crawling. Her favorite pastime is getting up on all fours and rocking rocking rocking, then crying crying crying when she realizes all that effort led her nowhere. Mama is enjoying her last few days of sanity before having two mobile monsters to contend with...

Oh and I almost forgot - I am officially a Big Boy, as I am now sleeping in my Big Boy bed and residing in my Big Boy room. The cute pastel giraffes and happy dancing hippos adorning my walls have been replaced with Robot paraphernalia and Joan Miro prints. I do still let Pear Bear sleep with me at night since I, errr HE, can feel a little lost in the vastness of a twin bed.