Hi All,

Just checking in... I've been busy busy with gamma and gampa. They are helping Mama out alot by entertaining ME so she can tend to 'baby sistah.' They leave on Thursday, sad face :-(

I'm happy to report that I am a very good big brother! If anything, I can be a tad bit TOO affectionate with baby sistah. The family member that M&D are more worried about these days is kitty. It seems I've been taking some frustrations out on poor kitty. (I got a time out yesterday because daddy caught me toting my golf club around saying "here kitty kitty kitty.")

Anyway, all is good. Wish us luck when we're on our own on Thursday!!



Rocky Rain

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So first, a pic of my sweet sister in her favorite sleeping position...

And now onto the ever-interesting toddler news... We all thought spring was on its way after last weekend's 65 degree weather, but in true Portland fashion it changed on us and by Wednesday morning it was snowing in our backyard (and everywhere else I guess, but I was glued to our back door watching the white specks float down to the ground). The specks didn't stick, but it was fun anyway. And THEN...

Yesterday was a little warmer but still drippy out, so we had hail. Although I didn't think the term 'hail' appropriately described the little white balls falling out of the sky, so I renamed them 'Rocky Rain.' A much more toddler friendly term for such a neat-o precipitate.

That's about it. Oh, little sister wants to add something...

Hi! It's Esmé. I weigh 7lbs 5oz and grew a whole inch in a week. My bellybutton fell off, so I got my first bath today (didn't like it). byebye!



A message from Esmé

Hi!! It's Esmé. I love my big brother, my fingers, my hands, my mommy, my daddy and my fuzzy blanket. I don't like vaccination shots and diaper changes so much.

I had my 1 week dr. appt. this morning and am happy to report that I'm back up to my birth weight and have a clean bill of health! Did I mention I love to eat, too?

OK. Bye!