Thank you for your sweet anniversary wishes. We had a wonderful day amongst the fairy gardens and brew pubs of McMenamin's Edgefield. I'm already looking forward to next year's visit. And the next and the next and the next.....



It was a pretty drippy day outside, but I did manage to catch a few shots of the grounds. Edgefield is truly a magical place.



We had the pleasure of seeing wilco play there a couple summers back and we have tickets for deathcab for cutie this summer. I couldn't stop pestering the staff for information about the rock stars that stay there. [So, for the curious...there is a rock star VIP area. No need to show up the morning after the concert in hopes of breakfasting next to Chris Isaak] [Not that I was thinking of doing that] [ahem].


So anyway, the day: we didn't reminisce about the past, we didn't plan for the future, we just steeped in the pleasure of the present -- and I do mean "steeped" quite literally, as the grounds boast an outdoor heated soaking pool. Think 102 degree chemical-free 3-foot deep pool that meanders through an oasis of beautifully landscaped stillness.


Yes, we spent quite a bit of time steeping. Morning, noon and night.


A quilt for a fish


Esme declared this a quilt for her fish, Bloop. Meet Bloop:


Who could not love that squishy fishy face? I’ve had this mini quilt in the works for awhile now but just needed that extra little kick-in-the-pants to get it done, which A Stitch in Dye is so graciously providing with Mini Quilt Monday (thank you, malka!).

So, mini quilt it is. The triangles are cut from a disappearing nine-patch that never quite made its way to the quilting table.


The binding is my all-time favorite binding fabric that adds that tiny touch of coral which every fish needs.


I wish I’d used a different color bobbin thread for the back. It’s a really light blue which is barely discernible, even up close. It just looks brash white (I need to consult my paint color chips for the perfect brash white description). Anyway, It’s too contrast-y for my liking.


But bloop is not picky (well, not with his quilts at least) so he will take it, overly contrast-y lines and all.

And I do realize that I'm a little premature with the whole Monday thing, but Brian and I are heading to this fantastical place, sans children, to celebrate our 7 year anniversary. Seven wonderful years, nary an itch to be had!


Nutty Hippy Hummus


Holden weighed in at 5% for weight at his 5yo check up last week. He’s been in the string bean category his whole life so his doctor isn’t worried, but his poor mama worries constantly. Both kids will eat fruits and veggies until the cows come home, but instantly turn their cute little button noses up at anything resembling a calorie.

So I’ve been relying heavily these days on our old standbys: peanut butter and hummus (not together).

I thought I’d share my super easy fast & yummy hummus recipe in case you have little protein snubbers as well (or, if you just so happen to like hummus)

But first, I must share these conversations between Holden and his nurse because they had me laughing off that tiny chair in the pediatrician’s office.

Nurse (in sing-songy nurse-talking-to-preschooler voice): Can you count to ten?
Holden (in exasperated why-is-she-asking-me-this voice): onetwothreefourfivesixseveneightnineten. What’s that thing around your neck?
N: It’s a stethoscope. Can you draw a triangle in the air with your finger?
H: (drawing triangle in air with finger) What’s a thethostope do?
N: It listens to your insides. How many times a day do you brush your teeth?
H: Two. My insides, like my brain? (pause) Did you hear that?
N: Hear what?
H: My thinking.
N: No. I can just hear things like your heart pumping and your lungs breathing.
H: Ok. Good. (!!!??? I was too afraid to ask)

And then later:

N: Can you dress yourself?
H: Yes.
N: Can you climb?
H: Yes.
N: Can you skip?
H: (pause) oh yeah: one…three…five…seven…nine…

OK, thanks for humoring me! Here’s the recipe!

Nutty Hippy Hummus

Handful of nuts (walnuts preferred but I’ve used pecans, almonds and cashews in a pinch)
Can of garbanzo beans, drained & rinsed.
A couple glugs of olive oil
A clove of garlic (use more if you like garlic. my kids aren’t fond of it so I use it sparingly)
About 2 tsp curry powder

1. Process the nuts in the food processor for a couple seconds. I like to leave mine fairly large, like lentil-sized. Don’t process too much or you’ll get nut butter!
2. Take the nuts out!!! Don’t skip this step, otherwise you’ll have hummus-y nut butter.
3. Add the garbanzo beans, olive oil, garlic and curry powder. Process until smooth, about 1 minute.
4. The trick to creamy hummus is water! Add a few tablespoons at a time and process until you get the desired consistency.
5. Stir the nuts back in and salt to taste.
5. Eat with chips, pita, celery, fingers…whatever.

And speaking of star wars (not), check these out. So Funny. MTFBWY and happy weekend!



Quilt Fest!

I'm joining in on Amy's fabulous idea of an online Quilt Festival today, sharing my favorite quilt.


I've written about it before here. But with time between, it remains my favorite.


These first little drawings of Holden's are still so magical to me. I wanted to preserve the memory of his memories of the world around his 3-year-old self: some birds from a field guide, his hand-held sister, a swirly snail, a little skeleton man...you know, all the important things in a 3yo's life.


We're not afraid to use this quilt: backyard picnics, zoo trips, an extra layer of warmth on a foggy day stroller ride. It's beginning to show the wear and tear of a much-loved quilt, which makes me love it even more.


And now, as little glimmers of big-headed, pokey-footed people and animals begin to appear on Esme's canvases, I'm beginning to dream up the colors and design for another favorite quilt as well...


I'm off to peek into some other favorite quilts in blogland. Be sure to join in, there are some great quilts to see and some great prizes to be had!

**Edited to add: This quilt was inspired by a similar one done by soulemama which I mentioned in my original blog post but felt I should add it here as well to give credit where it's due. OK, back to regular programming...


Random desert ramblings


Hi all. We are in Central OR, breaking away from the not-so-fast pace of city life to give the hubby some one-on-one time with our not-yet-finished house renovation because I oh-so-badly want to move in. OH so badly.

I forgot my camera cable thing-y otherwise I’d be showing scenes of desert life, mainly us all snugged up indoors while the weather outside has a freakout. We planned on leaving tomorrow but I’m terrified of snowy mountain driving so may stay an extra day or two…or seven depending on the elements. I really hate driving in snow.

I don’t have my crafty provisions here, but I’m having fun vignette-ing with Photoshop (thanks Tracy for the tip!) Recognize those socks, steph? Yes, they’re yours and no, you can’t have them back. I'm holding them ransom until you hang out with me again :-P

I have been semi-productive: I wrote a letter to Martha Stewart informing her that the recent smattering of High Fructose Corn Syrup ads in her magazines are definitely not a “good thing” and that I’m willing to discontinue my love affair subscription if the ads continue. Needless to say, I’m not holding my breath on this one. But knowing that my subscription dollars are supporting an industry that I very strongly disagree with…well, I’m just not feeling the MS Living love anymore. I’ll let you know if she writes back (riiiiiiiight).

And speaking of crafty love, I’m excited to participate in Amy’s virtual quilt festival next week. Check it out, and join in if you have a favorite quilt + story!


just because


our tea party needed more color.


we have a winner


Thank you, sweet peeps, for the quilt love! And now, onto the apron winner........

RNG says it's Lia! (check out Lia's wee wonderful make-along doll, so cute!)

Lia, please email me your mailing address and I'll pop this into the mail asap. Picture of apron-wearing husband is optional, of course.

And now, I'm off to see Handmade Nation with a crafty cohort of mine. But not until we're properly happy houred first.

Happy weekend, all!!!


Emmy's Quilt


It's hard to get too overly excited about a new quilt when 1) you have to give it away and 2) your 3yo was up for 3+ hours in the middle of the previous night. But here I am, semi-awake with a done quilt to show off. (Please excuse any brash grammatical insults, I'm running purely on caffeine today)


This is the finished auction quilt, sortof the quilt-y offspring of this quilt and this quilt. It's going to a sweet little artist named Emmy.


I'm kindof in love with the mary engelbreit backing material which just may showcase itself as a sundress or spring skirt in the near future. I hope that it, along with the flowery binding fabric, adds that extra magical something that little girls fall in love with.


But my favorite part of this project was the help I received in making it. Holden's getting pretty good at machine sewing (with a box under the foot pedal, so cute!) so I let him help with quilting the straight(ish) lines. Esme was in charge of transferring the pins to their pincushion home and measuring herself repeatedly with the tape measure. It truly takes a village, people.


Esme was a little bummed that this quilt wasn't for her. She requested one just like it for her new room which elicited a happy dance from me since I plan on hanging this quilt on her wall. It's not often that I'm one step ahead of her, so I'll give a little woot here. Woot!


And thanks for all the apron love! Check back tomorrow when I'll be drawing a random winner from the magical RNG machine...