It's "Mismas" Eve!!

The big day is almost here and I've been ever-the-so-helpful little toddler elf:
  • Help wrap presents (strategically place tape and bows; sometimes on myself).
  • Carry presents from wrapping area to Xmas tree (sometimes sneak peek at present).
  • Return presents that have been unwrapped to be rewrapped.
  • Rearrange Xmas tree ornaments (only one casualty so far).
  • Point out every santa, snowman and reindeer in the house and on Xmas tree.
With all the company we've been having, I've picked up a lovely new habit of opening the bathroom door on people. I like the funny surprised looks and the screams of excitement that come from the potty-er inside. Mama is trying to break me of the habit, but I (and the potty-ers) seem to be having too much fun with it. So I'll risk a few more time-out sessions to continue the 'potty surprise' game.

Aren't I fun??

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