Quilt for a Babe


Here's how blogging's been going lately: I sit down, write a few lines about this, that, who, how and why and then run out of steam, dwindle, drop the ball, FLOP!


And here's how crafting's been going lately: I have an idea, a very bright and fantastical idea that wakes me up at 5:45am and beckons me downstairs to sketch, color, sketch some more, overthink, yawn, yearn for my pillow, and then FLOP! Yet again.

It is a theme, for sure. But I'm embracing my flops and forging forward.

This quilt is for a sweet new little baby boy named Emmett. An incredibly cute and nibble-worthy baby. Nine months in the making (the quilt, not the baby) (well technically, I guess the baby, too) with loops and linen and splashes of color to keep him cozified.

And now, I must rest my brains in preparation for my early morning crafty wake-up call. g'night!