My Loot

Well, the insanity of Christmas has come and gone, and I am left with a huge, overwhelming pile of toys, books and other unidentifiable toddler objects. My favorites so far are my very own vacuum cleaner that makes noise and 'yites up,' my very own DJ station that I can sing my ABCs into, and my little wooden fruits and veggies that I can cut and drool upon and then share with my play buddy. These things are neat. The other multitude of 'semi-neat' toys were cast aside and hope to be played with some day when the 'neatness' wears off of the above 3 toys.

Other Xmas-related activities included:

  • Seeing Tutu, Koka & BreeBree and reliving the whole present opening festivities again.
  • Eating about 5 bites of the massive Christmas dinner mama, gamma and tutu cooked and declaring 'all-done.'
  • Driving down Peacock Lane and yelling "NAY NAY!" out the window to the horsies.
  • Seeing Unka, Gigi & Jett the next day and reliving the present opening thing yet again (does this ever end??)
  • Bestowing upon my wonderful gamparents and mama the ultimate toddler Christmas gift: the snottiest, nastiest cold you can imagine!!

Time to help mama 'bo nose'


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