SMS Giveaway day, the sequel

Sew Mama Sew giveaway day: View blogs with awesome giveaways, comment, win. Easy peasy!

I'm being unoriginal and giving away another activity tote + crayon roll, same as last time. I had something else in mind but accidentally spent 6 hours at the zoo yesterday. So yes, I am shamelessly blaming the penguins and meerkats for my lack of originality.

I'll pick a random winner from comments on this post on Sunday, May 31st to win either the black floral or the spaceman activity tote pictured here, winner's choice. More pics/views of both totes & crayon rolls are in my shop.

Good luck! And, be sure to check out the other giveaway goodness via SMS!


Mini quilt monday


It's Monday in May which can only mean one thing: it's time for another mini quilt, of course.


I call this one "ode to vintage fabric" because that pile of vintage fabrics in my craft room doesn't get used quite as often as it should.


The big blocks on the front are my all-time favorite print (right now) and I have a couple large panels of the same fabric destined to become curtains in my new craft room.


I plan on hanging this little quilt on the wall, to be all matchy-matchy with the curtains.


That is, if a small fish doesn't claim it first!

Happy day, all!


Goats (not bugs)


That bug picture was creeping me out so I'm posting a few shots from our goat farm adventure today. Goats trump bugs anyday.



We had goat milk ice cream: super yummy! It doesn't taste goat-y at all!



I adore goats and their unfussy, aloof ways. I always thought it would be fun to have one roaming around, nibbling the lawn, keeping us all in check. But I learned today that they are browsers, not grazers as I thought (they prefer to snack on the tips of woody shrubs and leaves). Bummer. Seems sheep are the lawn mowers and I'm not a big fan of the sheep sooooo, livestockless we will remain for the time being (although I've been eyeing some mighty fine chicken coops around blogland lately. Hmmmmm....)

Happy weekend everyone!


Name that pupa


...or larva or chrysalis or whatever heck form of baby bug it may be.

We found it in the yard today, buried in the moist ground. It's a little over an inch long, dark red in color and has a hard, armor-like shell that makes your skin crawl makes you really super enthusiastic about researching this little backyard neighbor of ours!


It took all my courage to take these pictures and as I type, I'm trying my hardest not to get overtaken by the eebie jeebies. I'm not a fan of the bugs.

We've half-heartedly poured through our insect field guide but all these little critters look the same (I'm sorry, I hope that doesn't sound insect-ist of me). Any bug enthusiasts out there that know what this thing is?


Cookie meatballs + quilt blocks


After reading Mary Beth's post yesterday and noticing that "make cookies" mysteriously appeared on our day's to-do list (ahem), I decided it was time to take the Clean Food Cookie plunge. Or make "meatball cookies" as Holden later declared them.


Ahh, that's a better, non-meatball-y shot (somewhat).

I was so glad to see the footnote about using unsweetened carob chips because I have an overflowing jar-full that I mistakenly bought awhile back and haven't been able to coerce my kids into eating. But it looks like chocolate!!!???? No dice from my chocolate purist children.

I changed a couple things. Ok, that's not true -- I changed a lot of things, but the cookies are still the same in spirit, right?

  • used white whole wheat flour
  • swapped cardamom for the cinnamon
  • used 1/2 coconut oil and 1/2 canola oil
  • used brown sugar instead of maple syrup (didn't have any on hand, otherwise I'm all about the maple syrup)
  • used pecans instead of walnuts
  • used unsweetened carob chips instead of the chocolate

  • The sweet, patient cookies stood up to all my wacky changes (whew) and are delicious.


    In crafty news, I finished Kathryn's requested 9-patch block for 12 square,


    and here is the state of my 12 square quilt. I arranged the blocks on my bed (ala Kristina) and am trying to figure out what color sashing to use, if any. Any suggestions? It's a little confusing with my bedspread down there in the lower left and the light solid is blue, not white.


    Speaking of blocks, here's a teeny peek at a quilt that I've started for a very special someone. Working with these fabrics instantly raises my spirits because who can be grumpy around these colors?



    Good (in theory).

    Better (but still makes me wince, even in pictures).


    Have a wonderful weekend, mothers and all!!


    Craft Book Challenge: April (in May)


    Just in time for May, here is April’s Craft Book Challenge project: quilted coasters from Last-Minute Patchwork + Quilted Gifts by Joelle Hoverson. And Last Minute they definitely were – I finished sewing them as a birthday gift for my BFF a half hour before she arrived. Whew.

    These were so fun and easy, I’d highly recommend making them. The concentric quilting is mesmerizingly relaxing and the construction fast and easy. It took me less than an hour to make 4 coasters (not counting the humming and hawing over the perfect fabric choice for BFF).


    The only part I struggled with was inserting the batting into the sewn fabric pocket. This would probably be easy for normal people, but I go bonkers over dreaded tasks like putting the comforter inside the duvet cover. Once I finally decided to listen to that annoying voice in my head that said, “it’s just a coaster. Leave it be” things improved. And those little bumps and tucks disappear once it’s quilted anyway. Yeah, I need to listen to that little voice of reason more often.

    Anyway, BFF hearted them and agreed that I should have a matching pair, so I’ll definitely be revisiting this pattern.

    Happy birthday, sweet goil. And go fuzzballs!!