Sick House

Poor us...we barely had a chance to enjoy our half-year unbirthdays before getting smacked with head colds. Especially poor baby Esme - only 6 months old and already has an ear infection. Sad face. At least we got to see the cute man doctor today and I got a toy for being good during the exam.

Tonight I helped with dinner, really and truley. I personally helped shuck the yummy little fava beans out of their little green pods. M&D were so impressed. Oh and another Holden milestone: I rode the horsie at Freddies and was brave enough to let daddy put money in him to make him run. I held on tight and figured this was the first step toward riding the neat rollercoaster I saw on TV today. Baby steps...

Good night [sniffle, sniffle]


Our 1/2 Year Unbirthdays!

Can you believe I've existed for the past 2 1/2 years on this planet? And that my little sister has already been here 6 months??

So, Things I can do as an official 2 1/2 year old (AKA, things they don't mention in the "What to Expect" books):

  • Stand on one foot -- literally! When M&D ask me to stand on one foot, I place my left foot on top of my right and literally "stand on one foot."
  • Stand at the top of the slide at the playground and dictate who can go down (and up).
  • Make "pancakes" out of bark chips at the playground. "Feed" various passerbyers if I'm feeling generous.
  • Finish the last word of sentences in most of my books (um, we really need some new books around here???)
  • Open the refrigerator and take out/put away my sippie drinks (M&D not thrilled about this one).
  • Go through my very own mail at the end of the day (I get alot of credit card offers and donation requests - go figure).
  • Hold a 5+ minute conversation on the phone about various toddler topics with various grandparents.

    And, Things Esme Claire can do as an official 6-month-old (AKA, fun baby tricks):
  • Sit up without toppling over.
  • Eat rice cereal, carrots, peas and pears (her favorite). Scream between bites because mama is not quite fast enough with the spoon.
  • Grab anything within a 1 foot radius of herself, be it a toy, someone's dinner or someone's hair.
  • Laugh hysterically at my crazy antics.
  • Smile real big at anyone and everyone that even halfway glances her way.

  • So, here's to another half year of baby milestones and crazy toddler antics!!

    Fava Revisited

    I was just about to describe the yummy little fava treasures we found at farmer's market today when I was hit with deja vu... I realized I was blogging about the exact same thing a little over a year ago. So although I missed my blogiversary, I wanted to say thanks for keeping up with my toddler ramblings and insights over the past 16 months!

    Anyway, back to our farmer's market adventure... I confirmed a very important culinary fact today: watermelon rinds are truly inedible. I attempted to sneak a bite to validate the theory which instantly set off mama's toddler alarm. She had her hand in my mouth scooping out halfway masticated rind before you could say "choking hazard."

    Aside from the watermelon incident, we had a nice day today. After naps we took a lovely walnut levain to Laurelhurst park and had brie and pear sandwiches on our picnic blanket. Nothing like an impromptu picnic amongst the pines and shrieking toddlers.

    Side note: Miss Esme Claire has a cough. Nothing sadder than a 6 month old hacking between her rice cereal feedings (Yes! She'll be 6 months old on Tuesday!!!)



    Holden Sheets, PhT

    Ever-inquisitive toddler that I am, I'm beginning to question anything and everything that I encounter: Why is that man wearing a hat? Why can't I have my feet on the table at dinnertime? Why can't I put french toast on my head? And M&D are becoming quite creative answerers: ...because his ears are big. ...because they smell funny. ...because we SAID SO (not so creative).

    I've also mastered the art of the long, drawn-out bedtime ritual: I ask for more [fill in the blank] water, hugs, kisses, songs, etc., pick out the longest books and ask tons of questions on each page (my "whys" come in handy here, too). And if I'm refused said water, books, answers to questions, etc., I pull out the all-time surefire way to buy more time: "Holden need to go poopoo on the potty." I think M&D are quickly losing their enthusiasm over that one ;-)

    Hugs and slobbers from HS & ES!!


    The Potty Train

    Mommy and I (and Esme) went on an underpant excursion and to mommy's relief, I decided to forego the pretty pink sparkly panties for the ultra manly spiderman briefs (although mommy would've loved me just the same if I was wearing barbie underwear). No poopies on the potty today, but I did manage to impress some playgroup friends by peeping on their pot. It's fast becoming my new favorite party trick. I'm just wondering where to board this "potty train" that M&D keep talking about?

    In Esme news, my little sister is getting more fun every day. She adores my somewhat whacked toddler sense of humor and lights up every time she spots sight of me. I dare say she loves me even more than M&D, as I'm the only one that can get her to giggle without the merciless tickeling strategy. And unlike myself, she loves food. In fact, if she doesn't get her allotted meal of rice cereal + veggie during dinner time, she SCREAMS until someone gets up and feeds her.

    Pictures promised for next post!



    Potty Pooper

    Guess who pooped on the potty tonight? Meeeeeeeee did!!

    Yep, I am blowing M&D's plan to ignore potty training for awhile right out of the water (pun intended). During jammie time I told mama I needed to poop. I ignored her suggestion to go in my diaper, and instead insisted on sitting on my porta-potty. After the usual grunts and strains, we peered into the little bowl and voila -- two toddler-sized poops peered right back at us!

    Mama was so excited she called daddy upstairs with the video recorder and we recorded the moment, and the two nuggets, in history. We then proceeded to flush the little guys down the toilet (M&D were quite relieved that I wasn't too attached to them and let them flush, flush away without protest).

    So, tomorrow we venture to Target for an underpant quest. M&D are hoping my new My Little Pony infatuation doesn't extend to fashion accessories (but are willing to let me don MLP underpants if that's what it takes!)

    Over & Out,



    This blog is dedicated to my new, not-so-imaginary-friend, Tico. Tico is a bear that lives under our living room couch and eats sandwiches. I haven't decided yet if he is a nice bear or a mean bear and sometimes he pops up in unusual places (in Esme's carseat, inside the inner-workings of my umbrella, etc). But, he's the newest member of our family and we're all growing to love and appreciate him.

    In other news, my little sister is not so little anymore. She's actually quite the little chunk-chunk and getting more animated and fun to be around. She started sitting up a few weeks ago and is an old pro at it now. She can also skooch around on her belly to get to her newest most favoritest things in the world - TOYS!! Mama is not encouraging her efforts to crawl, as if having two small humans isn't terrifying enough...imagine when we are both mobile!! So, we're trying to keep Esme stationary for as long as possible.

    Daddy is still toiling away on the NoPo house. It should be done in a couple weeks (ya, we've heard THAT one before!) and then he moves onto finishing pinky's landscaping. They tell me that someday soon I will have a small park of a backyard all to myself. Well, me and Tico, that is...

    Sweet Dreams!