Impending sleeplessness

It's now 9:30pm and I am up for the 4th time since going sleepies at 7pm. Mama's thinking (hoping) molars, but only time will tell (since I can't quite yet *use my words* for this one).

So, knowing that this may be a looooooooong night, this shall be a shooooooooort blog.

Sleep tight,


Home Haircut

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Today I made a fantastic mess of the house. Mama decided to clean and organize my toy bin, so I extended the project to every single item in every single door/cupboard/drawer/nook/cranny that I'm allowed into. It was quite an amazing scene and I was having a great time playing with some long lost toys, when mama decided that I, too needed a little tidying up. So, off to the high chair/barber chair I went for my home haircut. It turned out quite dapper if I do say so myself (don't you think?).

I am typically a mess a day or two after my shots, and today was no exception. When I was a tiny baby I would just sleep it off, but not anymore. Now I become a hyper-emotional rollercoaster ride of a child. As expected, I had a few minor tantrums today. Not the most enjoyable use of playtime, but mama and I handled them quite well...until it came time to leave the playground. Attempt to remove a tired, cranky, recently vaccinated toddler from his favorite activity and nothing less than a complete nuclear meltdown shall ensue. It was quite spectacular - arms flailing, cedar chips flying and my wails could be heard all the way to Mt. St. Helens. Luckily (for her) mama packed my all time favorite crackers and just as quickly as it started, the frenzy subsided. I was quite proud of my display, but have a feeling mama won't want to show her face at that playground for awhile...

That's all for now. Off I go into the wild blue slumber.



Check out my shoes

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Here's the pic you've all been waiting for! Me in my fancy schmancy flame shoes!! My mom's super cool friend, EJ, gave me these shoes on the day I was born and I've been waiting ever since to test drive them. Well, they're still a tad bit big on me, but mommy & daddy let me flop around the house in them and boy are they HO-T!! I'll be able to charm everyone on the playground in these puppies!

Today was my 15 month well-baby check. Well-baby checks are never much fun because mommy doesn't let me lick the fishtank in the waiting area (daddy would if she wasn't there) and they always end with me getting a big fat shot in the thigh. No matter how much I charm the doctor, the shot always comes. I'm beginning to think she's not very fond of babies.

Anyway, I weigh 20lbs and am tall and have a big head (can't remember the measurements). I'm basically a string bean with legs and a belly, but the doctor was quite impressed with my motor skills and verbal development. She said I was ahead of the game in everything but weight. I have a feeling my meals will be chock-full of avocado, butter and cheese in the coming weeks. YeeHaw!!

Off to slumber land...


Three times a charm

I'm not feeling very original tonight, so bear with me. Mama took a picture of my oh-so-cool flame shoes but hasn't transferred it to the big monster computer yet so you'll just have to wait till the next blog to see them. Well ok, here's a tiny peek, but be sure to come back to see them tomorrow in action!!

The number '3' was the theme for our day, it seems. It's the exact number of times I got 'caught' being naughty, the amount of trips mama made to NE Broadway to track down bean appraisals, trade-in values & MSRPs (blah blah blah), and the hours I slept for my marathon nap.

So...my no-no's for the day... I don't know what came over me today, but I just couldn't resist the accidentally opened stair gate and was halfway upstairs until mama realized something was amiss (I was a wee bit too quiet, that always tips her off!!). Then, I felt the need to take advantage of a door mistakenly left open and wreaked havoc in the downstairs bathroom. Lastly, and for about the billionth time, I pushed the big, shiny pretty button on the stereo that makes all the music go bye-bye (and drives mama nuts). Pretty standard stuff for a toddler day.

While I was peacefully aslumbering, mama spent what would otherwise be valuable project time on bean stuff, so no completed projects to report on today. poo. But she did buy some nifty iron-on-tranfer paper for our printer recently and will soon be iron-on-transferring cool things to my onesies. We both tire so quickly of boring, white onesies and this will surely spice things up. My 'flair,' if you will.

Well, I'm pooped (literally) so must run. Ta for now,


Another day, another bump on the forehead

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Don't tell mama, but I stole this cool robot pic from this interesting article on fabbers. A fabber is a rapid proto-typing machine that can create all kinds of fun stuff from CAD designs, and I want one. I'm pretty sure by the time I'm about 4 or so, they'll have all the bugs worked out and that I'll have enough fancy green papers and shiny circle things in my piggy bank to buy my very own. Then I can create and play with all the fun 'no-no' stuff that mommy and daddy hoard to themselves - the remote, their cell phones, mommy's shiny red wallet, the kitty, etc.

I had a great time hanging out with daddy today. The big, yellow, warm thing in the sky appeared and all the grey fluffy things that make the ground wet were gone. So we frolicked amongst the rhody-den-drums and azay-lee-ahs at the rhody gardens. I met a goose (my books are wrong - gooses don't 'honk,' they 'sssssssssssss'!), and added another bump/forehead scrape to my growing collection.

To complete the day, in a frenzied 'toddler moment' I tripped, landed face-first on my sippy cup and gave myself a little baby shiner. Ahh well...we'll just have to put off my portaits yet another week (the portraits that mama's been waiting to take since I turned ONE, but that keep getting postponed due to visible bruises/bumps/scrapes/cuts/shiners that I keep managing to inflict upon myself).

And to all, a nighnigh!


All in a day's work...

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I thought I'd share this picture because it exemplifies the true value in having a toddler around. What else would mommy and daddy be doing if they didn't have me to enchant and delight them? A simple game of step-on-daddy's-face charms them beyond words and who better for the job than a 15-month old ball of amusement?

Yes, it's true. I turned the big 1-5 on Saturday! Mama, daddy, Tutu and Koka all celebrated by devouring a yummy little chocolate cake (of which I got none, poo). The next day, I entertained T&K while mom & dad embarked on the first of their community work project endeavors. Unfortunately, mama has not performed any sort of manual labor since she gave birth to me, so 4 straight hours of yard work left her somewhat lifeless. Lucky for her, she came home to moi: freshly napped and ready to take on the world. Needless to say, I got her back for not saving me a piece of bday cake!

I had a great weekend with Tutu & Koka. I led them, fingers clutched, in roundabout zigzags to all the secret hiding spots in Costco and guided them through a fuzzy maze of carpet samples at the carpet shop. Each an adventure, and all in a day's work of an assiduous little toddler, I suppose!!

nighnigh all!


Ketchup Lovers Unite!!

I woke up this morning to a lovely surprise - my very own tutu and koka magically appeared in our guest room whilst I slumbered! Hoo-ray! All the more people to spoil me with, hee!

We had a lovely day. Koka helped daddy drag some drywall down to the basement (my gracious offers to assist were declined?) while tutu and I attended my weekly 'tiny tots' session at the place-full-o-books. After toying with the toddlers, tutu and I braved the elements and set sail into a driving downpour. Can you say f-u-n??? I don't know how to explain it, but there is some innate magnetic force that attracts toddlers to water...whether it be falling from the sky, streaming from a faucet or swirling in a toilet...somehow it just beckons.

The day ended just as lovely as it started - a dinner of soy nuggets swimming in ketchup accompanied by ketchuppy carrots, chicken in a ketchup sauce and peaches ala ketchup. Daddy was absent for the grand cleanup finale since he trotted off to see the new Star Bores movie (or something like that). So I kissed everyone goodnight and went off to my crib to dream the sweetest of all ketchup dreams...

Adieu, Adieu, to you and you and you!


I have a peepee!!

Sorry, that title is a wee bit graphic (pun intended), but I'm pretty elated over my recent discovery. Imagine my surprise whilst running au naturel after my bath, I tripped and fell and…what have we here? Do I finally get to meet face to face that which I’ve pulled on and tugged at and contorted into unimaginable shapes during my diaper changes? It’s so….cute! I am quite enthralled and now, in response to the “where’s your peepee?” question, I’m able to bend over, peer past my pot belly and point out my new little buddy with pride. I will add him to the long list of body parts that I can point to on demand (although for some reason mommy and daddy don’t ask me about him in public, hmmmm).

Aside from my new bodily discovery, I’m also beginning to find my voice in this world. I woke up chanting a strange form of toddler-ese today, and although mom, dad and I have no idea what I’m saying, it’s quite enchanting.

neeeega-mama-ropblop-dah and good night,


Mac & Cheesers Anonymous

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My name is Holden Alexander, and I'm a macaroni and cheese-aholic. It began as a passing interest in the bright, almost neon orange glow from my highchair tray and grew into an outright insatiable desire for the little logs of yumminess. In mom's enduring quest to feed me more healthily, I have tried every kind of M&C imaginable...from Annie's organic to homemade right from mama's hands (yes - I detected the wheat germ in there). But I keep coming back to the Mother of all Macaroni's: good old KRAFT M&C. The boiling water is music to my ears as I whimper at the sight of the beautiful blue box being taken from the pantry. I've recently begun using (in the loosest sense of the word) a spork, but my all-time favorite eating method is still the fistful-scoop-to-the-mouth technique. It's not pretty, but hey, it gets the macaronis to where I want them to go. Half of them at least...

Chow down,


Uber baby

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I've been thinking alot about fractals lately, and found this very cool image on the web to blog aboot. To think that something this cool is based on imaginary numbers, well, it's a little over my head but I like looking at the pretty pictures. I'm hoping daddy can explain it to me in a couple (15?) years.

Today was swell. After our morning play session I noticed mama was looking a little rough around the edges so I decided to give her a break. I took a record-breaking 3 hour long nap in which she was able to finish a project and start 2 more!! Afterwards, we all embarked upon a family carpet shopping trip only to find the carpet shop closed. Poo. So, a trip to Babies R Us was the next best thing. I was doing well until someone (I think it was daddy again) decided to put me in the Mickey-Mouse-Buggy-from-hell. A rumbling, shaking, off-key singing monster such as this has no place whatsoever in happy babyland.

Aside from the BRU Buggy incident, I'd say the day went swimmingly...

Ta for now,


Toddler Blues

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Today started out great. I woke up, threw taggie to the ground, banged on my crib until mama got me (and rescued taggie), and gave daddy a warm morning greeting (head-butt right to the kisser). To add a little variety to the day, I decided to poop not before, but DURING my first diaper change of the morning. I always like to keep these people on their toes.

I then toddled off downstairs to announce my awakening to Gramma, Grampa and kitty. G-ma & G-pa have been visiting all week and we've been having a grand ol' time. G-parents are GREAT. I can do no wrong, EVERYTHING I do is cute and they go nuts over the sticks, blades of grass and occasional piece of trash I happen to discover on our walks.

I was getting excited about keeping G-ma & G-pa and have them live in my room when someone (I think it was daddy) decided that we should ship them off to some faraway place named Santa Blahblah (or something like that). We drove them to the airport where a big, shiny airplane whisked them away. I'm still pretty PO'd about the whole thing, but decided that planes are pretty cool and that I would forgive mom & dad if they got me one ('they'll SEE').

Anyway, it was a fun week. Grampa is a trooper and followed me whereever my little toddler feet happened to take us and G-ma and Mama got to do some shopping. Mama bought a cool new yarn basket and found a pattern for gramma to make me a
fancy sweater. When she has time, mama will post some more recent pics, but for now, here is me and daddy riding hiraffy (for some reason this 'giraffe' makes horsie sounds when I'm riding him...Hence his name...)

'Bah-Bye' for now...HS


I'm a rock star

Lookit me! Only 14 months old and already blogging. Aren't i the coolest thing since boobah & robeez??

Since mama's been slacking on my
website revision, i've decided to take matters into my own hands and send updates via my very own web-log. Some grandmas i know will be quite excited to hear weekly/daily/hourly? updates on my current exploits (and those of my intrepid parents). Plus, i'll blog my latest pictures, activities, details of diaper contents, etc. (for those interested in some good old fashioned caca talk). And just maybe, if mama gets a toddler-free minute every so often, we can blog some of her latest projects. Ooh fun! Can't wait. But, alas, taggie is calling so i'm off to bed for some much needed baby z's.

nigh-nigh, all!