Cutest Easter outfit EVER

Cutest Easter outfit EVER
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As promised, more pics!!

Unfortunately, I need to figure out how to become a flickr "pro" before I can organize these into a set. So for now, click on the pic and hopefully you can rummage around in flickr to find the other easter pics.

Over & Out,

We're Alive!!

Hello world!

It's been an insane month but my goal was to post a message before my month ran out, so here I am. I'm learning how to be a good big brother. Some days it's hard and the overwhelming urge to poke Esme in the eye overtakes me... But most days I am a true sweetheart and have only smiles and hugs for baby sister.

Mama spends quite a bit of time nursing baby sister which leaves me to explore my newfound independence. Usually I am good and catch up on my TV watching (mama wouldn't let me watch TV the whole first year of my life!!). But sometimes I am beckoned helplessly into naughtiness.

Like yesterday, for instance. I tried to sit quietly and play with my legos, but somehow couldn't resist the urge to unroll a whole roll of toilet paper into the toilet and try to flush it (doesn't work). Mama figures that as long as I don't burn the house down, we're ahead of the game.

Little Esme is two months old today, can you believe it? She's getting her chubby baby face (as opposed to her chubby newborn face) and is starting to wake up to the world. She's full of smiles and can stand up (with M&D's assistance, of course). Other than that, she's still just a little eating, sleeping, pooping machine. She's not much of a playmate yet. I'm looking forward to the day that we can build forts together. Maybe next week??

Bye for now. I promise to post pics asap!!