Number Cruncher

Hi Blog. Sorry for the delay. Mama's been feeling icky and hasn't been able to help with my blogging duties (she has to push a button every now and then). But good news: the fam has survived my molar emergence and it looks like clear sailing until my 2-year molars rear their ugly, toothy heads. I'm sporting four sets of white, ridgy bumpy things in the place that my massive molars will soon be!

In other news...I can count!! Well, Kinda. Here's how it usually goes:

Mama: Oooooone
Holden: Doooooooo
M: Twooooooo
H: Teeeeeee
M: Threeeeee
H: Foooooe
M: Fooooour
H: Fiiiiiiiiiii
M: Fiiiiiiiive
H: Sic
M: Siiiiiiiiix
H: Eiiiiiiiight
M: Seveeeeeen
H: Niiiiiiiiine
M: Eiiiiiiight
M: Niiiiiiiine
M: Ten! Yay!

It's pretty groovy, and M&D even have some footage of it. I'm a little confused about the whole ordering after 'sic' but I ad lib as I go and it seems to be working. Now onto those pesky letters...

Sweet Dreams!