The blues


I'm casting a feeble little "hi, i'm here" wave from behind the remaining boxes awaiting to be unpacked. I'm almost there, and can see the glimmer of craft-time hope in my newly adorned and adored craft room at the end of the tunnel. Must. Push. On....

But I decided to take a "break" today for some blueberry picking, sans kiddos. A friend and I headed south-ish to a little farm tucked into the corner of Hubbard, OR, a true treasure trove of perfectly sun-kissed blue beauties waiting to be picked.

And picked we did, 3 1/2 hours worth ending up with 26 pounds each! Aside from my friend getting stung in the face by a yellow jacket(!), we had a truly lovely time amongst the berries.

So now, I shall add to my not-so-short to-do list the task of putting these little blue beauties by. A task I'm all too happy to undertake. And then, back to the boxes!


Signing off


The fixtures are in, the walls are painted and the van is reserved....we are moving!! But not until I share one last completed project before the craft room is packed up: Sarah's quilt block for 12 square.


I adore all these prints and picture the perfect summer quilt or picnic blanket once it's complete (but that's up to Sarah, of course).

Please excuse me for a bit while I pack up and fly off to our new location. I'll check back in when we're settled in our new nest. Happy 4th of July summer bbq apple & cherry pie firework wishes to everyone!!!