Slightly past due


This is my craft book challenge project for May. Finished in June. And LATE June at that.


Yes, I’m behind. And even though I’m probably the only person holding myself accountable, I still feel guilty. And to make matters worse, I don’t even own this craft book. Just had it on loan from the library (that counts, right???)


Anyway, this is the Mendocino dress from Weekend Sewing by Heather Ross. Such a fast, easy and FUN project. And to make it even faster and easier (and funner) I used a vintage pillowcase to bypass the tasks of hemming and side-seaming. Every little bit helps, right? It was perfectly sized for Esme’s 3yo little self and will likely be wearable well into her 4yo + 5yo days.


Let’s just say, getting a picture of her sitting still was the hardest part of this project.




The little capris, Esme’s summer wardrobe staple, are from this sweet etsy shop.


I heart this little dress so, so much. And luckily, my twirly, skippy, moving target of a daughter does too.


Excuse me, there's a quail in my quilt


Yay, we're back! Just in time for mini quilt Monday.


This is the placemat made for this fabulously fun swap. But since it's quilted and it's mini, I think it qualifies as a mini quilt (right?)


Holden picked the quailie bird and I picked the summery colors and prints in honor of solstice.

As expected, a week of frolicking in the desert without the web did me good. We turned over rocks and found baby scorpions (ick), we explored a homestead site at the High Desert Museum, and I read this book in 3 days. And now, I have a pile of laundry and blog reading to attend to.

Happy Monday!


This will be good for me


We're running away to the desert. OK not so much running, as visiting, and we were invited. I'll be without internet access for a week or so, so I'm bringing books, some hand sewing and a positive attitude. We're also bringing the contents of our CSA bin because even desert visitors need fresh veggies.


Oh and these are completely unrelated pictures of our day at Oaks Park. And yes, that's my daredevil daughter riding the rollercoaster while Holden and I stayed on the safety of flat, non-turbulent ground.

She can only aspire (because she's too short to ride)

Anyway, here's what became of last week's veggies:

Scapes: Goat cheese + scape grilled pizza. Good in concept, but I did something entirely wrong with the scapes because they came out very, very not tender. Sad, because I think that was our only allotment.

Potatoes: Oven potato fries, a kid favorite.

Cauliflower: Sauteed with indian spices. YUM.

Basil: Pesto, and some in lentil pasta.

Everything else was either eaten raw in salads & such (lettuce, cucumbers, carrots, onions) or inhaled on the spot (strawberries, snap peas).

This week we received:
more peas + strawberries (yay!)
potatoes (yukon gold)
salad mix

And...we're off. Have a lovely week everyone!!



Sneak Peek


Shhhhhhh, it's a suprise!


for this swap...


I hope my partner likes it. A small bird shall be flying her way very soon!


eat pizza + save the earth


If you're in Portland, and like pizza, and like the earth, be sure to eat at the Hawthorne Hotlips pizza on Sunday, June 21 (aka, Father's day). Hotlips has committed 100% of their sales that day to reduce their carbon footprint. Eat pizza, save the earth. Can it be any easier?

If you don't know what the heck I'm talking about, check out the genius that is carrotmob.


Endings and starts


Today was the end of year celebration at Holden’s preschool. He got a little verklempt on the way home when the true meaning of “last day of school” finally sunk in. But, promises of a blossoming summer and keeping in touch with preschool friends cheered him up.


On the other end of the spectrum, we picked up our first beloved CSA box of the season today. It’s overflowing with promise of fresh, local, organic veggie-inspired meals. I’m most excited to try some veggieness on the grilled pizzas we’ve been obsessed with consuming in very large quantities lately. I’m thinking garlic scape and goat cheese pizza tomorrow…that is, if I can keep my little garlic scape lover from eating them all first.


So with preschool behind us and a box of veggie goodness at our feet, I’m excited to embark on another season of Veg Friday. Like last season, I’ll attempt to document our fearless journey through CSA veggie-eating whilst conjuring up clever Veg Friday post titles each week (aka, the hard part). This year we’re receiving a full share of veggies rather than a half, but we’ve forgone planting a garden in favor of finishing our house renovation so I think it will all balance out in the end.

Once again, I’m determined to see No Veggie Left Behind (or, put in the compost pile). Care to join me?

In the bin this week:
Red leaf lettuce
Snap peas
Sweet onions
Garlic scapes (aka whistles)
‘Red gold’ new potatoes




Today we were anthropologists, discovering newly unearthed relics of ancient times.


Today we were civil engineers, creating intricate tricycle pathways through cities of ants and grass and moss.


Today we were rocket scientists, building towering spaceships that flew and blasted and fought faraway space wars.


Today we were “antemologists” (as holden coined), studying the habits and antics of tiny creatures.


Today we were poets, physicists, storytellers, naturalists, lyricists and rulers of the world.

Today was a good day. I can’t wait to see what tomorrow brings.


Giveaway winner!

Wow! So many super sweet comments on my giveaway, thanks! Random.org says Maricris from Zen Ventures is the winner:
Maricris Zen Mama said...

unoriginal or not, I love it! So please count me in!

Congrats, enjoy and happy June to everyone!!