TWO is the magic word today...it's my favorite number, actually. When asked how many raspberries I'd like at lunchtime, "TWO, please" is always the answer. When asked how old I'm going to be, TWO is the number that gets M&D all giddy with excitement. When asked what number comes after six, TWO is the obvious choice. TWO is the default answer to any numerical question that comes my way. And since Tuesday is TWO days away, I finally got the answer correct when M&D asked how many days until our big trip. YEP! In TWO days I'll be on an airplane flying to Santa BlahBlah!! Isn't TWO just grand?? So, wish me luck and be sure to wave at me when you see me flying overhead!



A Day in the Life...

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I don't remember exactly what provoked this, but here is a picture of me having a time out. One of my first. I'm pretty good about it - I sit on the rug by the sink and contemplate my bad deed while one full minute of my life ticks away on the clock overhead. I've found that "bad" is a relative term, and M&D and I are still trying to figure out just what warrants the dreaded time out. So far the only thing that's earned my time on the rug is running into the street. And that's BAD. Luckily, just a warning of a time out usually works well enough for the not-so-bad stuff. I'm finding there's a lot of grey area in toddlerhood.

So our Santa BlahBlah trip is about a week away! And after that, M&D are planning a fun weekend getaway to celebrate daddy's bday - SANS TODDLER!! Why anybody would want to go anywhere without their toddler is beyond me, but...whatever floats their boat!! I will be just as happy at home with Tutu and Kitty all to myself.



My Fall Day

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In true Portland fashion, just as suddenly as winter became Summer this year (yes, we missed out on Spring!) our Summer turned to Fall. Fine by me - I love Fall! Especially those first few days full of fallen leaves and HUGE MUD PUDDLES!!

Whilst daddy and I strolled through the lovely Laurelhurst park today, I could not control my toddler urges and plummeted butt-first into said mud puddle that was deeper and slicker than either of us could ever imagine. Mud-covered toddler was the result, although daddy managed to snap this cute pic of me before the mayhem ensued:


Muddy dreams to all,



My newest latest and greatest thing: I can sing the ABC's!!! Well, the condensed toddler version... It goes like this:

Mama: a,b,c,d,e,f
Holden: geeeeeeee. Aych.
M: i,j,k
H: elmo. peeeeeeeeee.
M: q,r,s,t,u
H: veeeeeeeeee.
M: w
H: ecks
M: y
H: zeeeeeeee. yaaaaaaaaaaaaay! (clap, clap, applause, thank you, thank you)

I am getting excited about my approaching trip to Santa BlahBlah. I hear Gamma & Gampa have a tangerine tree right in their backyard, so I plan on spending LOTS of time back there...and mama plans on bringing LOTS of butt balm to deal with citrus-induced diaper rash.

Mama is quickly becoming educated in all things baby couture. I mean, look at this. And this and this. And THIS! How could you NOT spend your entire savings on this stuff??? I actually hate shopping and scream if I'm strolled anywhere near baby Gap, so I entirely approve of her latest online shopping addiction (although I wouldn't have minded a pair of these when I was a robeez-wearer!!)



Guess What Daddy Got Mommy?!?!

PREGNANT!! Yep, I'm gonna be a big brother! I'm hoping they birth something fun like a kitty or parakeet. Mama had an ultrasound Friday and came home with pictures of what looked like a little otter, so I'm pretty excited! I think it'll be fun to have a little sister. I'll always have someone to play with and laugh at my jokes. And since I'll be 2 when she gets here, M&D will have an exponential increase in diaper changes (I can show her how to wiggle out of their grasp and run around the house stark naked). Mama is finally getting her little shopping buddy so she's happy and has recently taken a second mortgage on the house to pay for all the cute girlie clothes that she could never buy for me. It would be extra nice if she comes out sleeping through the night, because we're getting quite spoiled by our current luxurious lifestyle (I slept in until 7:30 this morning!!!).

Mama had morning sickness pretty bad, and I had a lot of fun imitating her. Nothing like a toddler standing beside you making gagging noises while you toss your cookies first thing in the morning (I'm always good for a laugh around here). Due date is Feb 27, 2006 - don't quote me on that. I was born Feb 21, so it'll make for some interesting birthday party planning on mama's part... Hey, if NewBaby is the baby of the family, what does that make me?

Pondering my babyhood status,