Fava Revisited

I was just about to describe the yummy little fava treasures we found at farmer's market today when I was hit with deja vu... I realized I was blogging about the exact same thing a little over a year ago. So although I missed my blogiversary, I wanted to say thanks for keeping up with my toddler ramblings and insights over the past 16 months!

Anyway, back to our farmer's market adventure... I confirmed a very important culinary fact today: watermelon rinds are truly inedible. I attempted to sneak a bite to validate the theory which instantly set off mama's toddler alarm. She had her hand in my mouth scooping out halfway masticated rind before you could say "choking hazard."

Aside from the watermelon incident, we had a nice day today. After naps we took a lovely walnut levain to Laurelhurst park and had brie and pear sandwiches on our picnic blanket. Nothing like an impromptu picnic amongst the pines and shrieking toddlers.

Side note: Miss Esme Claire has a cough. Nothing sadder than a 6 month old hacking between her rice cereal feedings (Yes! She'll be 6 months old on Tuesday!!!)


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