The Potty Train

Mommy and I (and Esme) went on an underpant excursion and to mommy's relief, I decided to forego the pretty pink sparkly panties for the ultra manly spiderman briefs (although mommy would've loved me just the same if I was wearing barbie underwear). No poopies on the potty today, but I did manage to impress some playgroup friends by peeping on their pot. It's fast becoming my new favorite party trick. I'm just wondering where to board this "potty train" that M&D keep talking about?

In Esme news, my little sister is getting more fun every day. She adores my somewhat whacked toddler sense of humor and lights up every time she spots sight of me. I dare say she loves me even more than M&D, as I'm the only one that can get her to giggle without the merciless tickeling strategy. And unlike myself, she loves food. In fact, if she doesn't get her allotted meal of rice cereal + veggie during dinner time, she SCREAMS until someone gets up and feeds her.

Pictures promised for next post!


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