For the Love of Fava

The older and more agile I get, the more mama feels like the little dog that constantly rescues Mr. Magoo from impending doom. I'm just SO curious about stuff, I don't really see the danger in playing at the top of an escalator or grabbing a big, fluffy bumble bee. It's all just fun and games to me, but I've noticed mama getting more and more grey hairs every day.

Today I chose to ignore
Pythagoras and delve headfirst into the world of fava beans. We went to farmers market in hopes of sighting the first of the little green sweeties and were delighted to find one sole bin full of them. Mama and I enjoyed waking them from their fuzzy little pod beds, giving them a warm, soothing bath, then removing their bright emerald bodies from their little jackets. What yummy little creatures they are. Mama was so relieved that I too share her fondness for them and promised to craft me a little fuzzy fava family soon. But the most wonderful of the fava experience is knowing that their appearance means SPRING is HERE!! Now if only the weather would cooperate...

I met my unka David today. He's a pretty cool guy. I tried out my brand new tickeling skill on him and got a pretty good belly laugh. I think I'll ask mommy if Unka David, Aunt Misty, cousin Quinn and cousin baby Logan can all live in my room with me.

Happy fava dreams,

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