Quilt for a Babe


Here's how blogging's been going lately: I sit down, write a few lines about this, that, who, how and why and then run out of steam, dwindle, drop the ball, FLOP!


And here's how crafting's been going lately: I have an idea, a very bright and fantastical idea that wakes me up at 5:45am and beckons me downstairs to sketch, color, sketch some more, overthink, yawn, yearn for my pillow, and then FLOP! Yet again.

It is a theme, for sure. But I'm embracing my flops and forging forward.

This quilt is for a sweet new little baby boy named Emmett. An incredibly cute and nibble-worthy baby. Nine months in the making (the quilt, not the baby) (well technically, I guess the baby, too) with loops and linen and splashes of color to keep him cozified.

And now, I must rest my brains in preparation for my early morning crafty wake-up call. g'night!



Jessica said...

I love this quilt--blues and oranges are my favorite combination these days. I completely get those whims of creativity that get you out of bed so early in the morning--and the flops, too! It is nice to see you popping into this space :)

Anonymous said...

gorgeous. i love the circles.

oh, and fyi: im going to be moving to your neck of the woods in about 6 weeks. (the portland area) im not telling you that so you feel obligated to hang out with me or anything, but if youre in Powells and see a short haired gal trying to keep her kids under control, say "hi."


lisa solomon said...

wow melissa - it's BEAUTIFUL!

kraftykash said...

LOVE the quilt and the pictures. Miss you blogging!

Unknown said...

Love it Mel! Those quilted circles are fabulous :)

patricia said...

Yay, you didn't FLOP! I love the blues and oranges of the quilt, and the stitched loops too.

Try to keep some steam going, 'cause I love to see your projects!

Anonymous said...

I love oranges and blues, esp. those flowers and the circles.

erica said...

I love this little quilt! No flops there :)

Nishant said...

gorgeous. i love the circles.
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Anonymous said...

this quilt is over the top! may i ask what fabrics you used? I especially love the little houses, paired with the blue/white designed fabric. gorgeous! i think the baby will definitely be cozified, and I'm totally adding this new word you've coined to my vocabulary - ha!

Love your blog - looking forward to poking around!

Carolyn said...

I love oranges! gorgeous. I love the circles.

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