begin and end again

Hello blog. It's a new year and I have thoroughly and shamelessly neglected you. Truth is, life never really returned to "normal" after our move...and I'm finding that "normal" is not high priority these days anyway. "Keeping calm and carrying on" is more our style, however trendy and cliche it may be, so we're going with that until life resumes a new normal, whatever that may be.

But! I continue to craft and have things to show and tell. Like these, the last of the Twelve Square quilting bee installments.


The first is for Jona. She asked that a selvage be included in her citrusy/tropical themed block, so I popped that Amy Butler into the design. The colors make me pine for a summer fruit salad. Yum.


The second is for Chris. Her instructions were to "row" the vintage fabrics that she supplied, asking that any additional fabric be white or vintage. I loved that each of the fabrics she supplied had some play of white, so just added the strips on the left to follow that theme.

And voila! 12 square is complete. I loved working on this project with this amazing group of women. There are murmurs of continuing the project after a bit of a break this year, so I look forward to more bee-ing.


Anonymous said...

i love the first one, i always get a little tickled when i see the selvage in something...why is that?

good luck on finding normal....and if it makes you feel any better, keeping calm and carrying on is all i can manage right now too. :)

kraftykash said...

The squares are great. Even better than that is having you back!! Missed you Mama. :) BTW we have lived in the same palce since...um..forever. Normal has yet to appear. LOL

Jessica said...

I love those squares!!! When I moved I realized that I still had that top block to make! Yikes--I need to get sewing.

Anonymous said...

I'm fascinated by the idea of a quilting bee like this. The squares are wonderful!

Jona Giammalva said...

I received my block in the mail this weekend and I'm IN LOVE with it!!! I love the squares, I love the selvage, I love the Amy Butler fabric you added...everything! Thank you so much!!

Mary Beth said...

Hi Melissa. It's good to have you back. These quilt blocks are so colorful and beautiful!

Nishant said...

The squares are great.
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I love those squares! These quilt blocks are so colorful and beautiful!