Lessons Learned


1. Make Goals, Not Deadlines
2. I’m a Patternaholic
3. Embrace Imperfection
4. Hand Binding is F-U-N!
5. Beeswax Rules (thank you Grandma B for the lifetime supply!)


Inspired by
this, and my quilt wants to be this amazing quilt when it grows up. There’s some chocolate lollipop, a few michael millers, some fresh cuts and one yummy print called ginger blossom that I love. And the best part of all, the scraps will make for some lovely spring eggs for the kiddums!


Next week we’re off to Redmond for a grandparental visit. I plan on hitting up grandma b. for a tutorial on mitered corners, because I’m not quite convinced that I’m doing it right (should I sew the corners, or just leave it all foldedy looking?)

And this lovely little face was our perfect welcome to spring today, despite the grumpy clouds above. Happy spring everyone!



Melissa said...

Your quilt is beautiful! What a wonderful idea.

Anonymous said...

wow, i love your quilt!

A Spoonful Of Sugar said...

What a lovely quilt - it will be a great keepsake of your childrens artworks. The binding is very professional ;)

Anonymous said...

I love everything about this quilt. The colors are great and the artwork is outstanding. You did a great job!

Julie said...

You have such talent. You have to make a point of coming to Prineville when Holly is visiting with us this summer. She has a quilt that is going in an art show in NYC this summer.

Paper Dolls For Boys said...

That quilt rocks. I'm so impressed. How long did it take you? My cloth napkins want to be your quilt when they grow up!

melissa s. said...

Thanks! The quilt took about 2 weeks to make but I already had about half of the embroideries done. I wouldn't normally be this ambitious but I figured for the first craft project for my blog I'd push myself a little.

Anonymous said...

Fabulous colours and the embroideries are delightful! My kids want one!

Anonymous said...

it's really lovely -- I especially like the neutral embroidery panels in the middle of all that color.

Anonymous said...

Your quilt couldn't be any more perfect to me! My favorite colors + beautiful fabrics + embroidered children's illustrations = perfection! Lovely, lovely job!