Home Haircut

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Today I made a fantastic mess of the house. Mama decided to clean and organize my toy bin, so I extended the project to every single item in every single door/cupboard/drawer/nook/cranny that I'm allowed into. It was quite an amazing scene and I was having a great time playing with some long lost toys, when mama decided that I, too needed a little tidying up. So, off to the high chair/barber chair I went for my home haircut. It turned out quite dapper if I do say so myself (don't you think?).

I am typically a mess a day or two after my shots, and today was no exception. When I was a tiny baby I would just sleep it off, but not anymore. Now I become a hyper-emotional rollercoaster ride of a child. As expected, I had a few minor tantrums today. Not the most enjoyable use of playtime, but mama and I handled them quite well...until it came time to leave the playground. Attempt to remove a tired, cranky, recently vaccinated toddler from his favorite activity and nothing less than a complete nuclear meltdown shall ensue. It was quite spectacular - arms flailing, cedar chips flying and my wails could be heard all the way to Mt. St. Helens. Luckily (for her) mama packed my all time favorite crackers and just as quickly as it started, the frenzy subsided. I was quite proud of my display, but have a feeling mama won't want to show her face at that playground for awhile...

That's all for now. Off I go into the wild blue slumber.


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