Thank you to Soulemama for providing an awesome, easy-to-read tutorial for this easy-to-sew gratitude wrap (the link to the tutorial is in the leftside "For You" section on her blog).

Thank you to our good friend E for letting us celebrate her birthday with her tonight and for having good taste in movie picking and restaurant picking.

Thank you to koka and tutu (aka grandparents) for babysitting whilst we go on said movie and restaurant adventure with said birthday friend.


Thank you to Brian for giving me much needed craft time today to sew said gratitude wrap for said birthday friend.

The kids and I are heading to Redmond, so here's hoping a great week on everyone. Also hoping that Gustav settles down and sending safe thoughts to everyone in his path!


A Spoonful Of Sugar said...

Love your gratitude wrap - what a lovely gift!

Simply Stork said...

love it!!!so cute...and it doesn't suprise me that it is red :o)

I love red!I think we are alike in that way...


(ps I have something for you over at my daily blog :o)

Unknown said...

That's a really sweet creation! Have a good time away :)

Jessica said...

I love that gratitude wrap. Every weekend I think I must make it, but I haven't gotten around to it just yet. I'm glad you had a great night out!

Hobocamp Crafts said...

what a gorgeous job! the colors you chose are perfect~

Anonymous said...

Beautiful job and what a sweet blog you have!

Where's Domo? said...

Hello! Just wanted to let you know there are 2 new Domos up for adoption. Hope to see you there!

Anonymous said...

Such cute fabrics.