Easy Peasy Breezy Leaves Mobile

Hey thanks for the placemat love! I should mention that I've seen the idea elsewheres on the internets, although I don't know where. But it's definitely not my idea. So props to someone out there that actually thought it up!


Since we're heading into high temps for the next few days, I decided to get some outdoor time in early to avoid the tantrum-inducing afternoon heat. I sent the kids to the wall of laurel to gather leaves as leaf and stick painting has become our preferred outside activity lately. It doesn't exactly lend well to preserving or even displaying their creations though, so we put together these easy mobiles to showcase their work.

It's the epitomy-of-easy craft project, essential for dealing with a cranky 2-year-old whose current preferred method of communication is the ear-piercing, mind-numbing, makes-you-want-to-jump-out-the-nearest-window scream.


We just painted, dried, hole-punched and string-tied the leaves to the sticks. How's that for easy? I contemplated submitting this project to my beloved Crafty Crow, but decided there weren't quite enough words to warrant calling it a tutorial.

The kids love watching the leaves sway in the breeze. And with a forecast of 104 degrees tomorrow, 'breeze' is sounding quite heavenly.


Mary Beth said...

I love it. We may copy you soon. Both my boys would enjoy painting on leaves. And do submit it to Crafty Crow. I think she would love it and it doesn't have to be a step by step tutorial.

Mozi Esme said...

I've got this on my list for "L" week now - thanks!

raining sheep said...

Very cute pictures. I remember the scream days...can't say I miss that one bit.

Amanda @ www.kiddio.org said...

Oh, I would definitely submit it...Cassi shares great, simple ideas as much as she does tutorials. I love the idea, it's so adaptable! Thanks for sharing!e

Simply Stork said...

I love it too...it's nice to see your creative juices flowin' again :o)


Unknown said...

So cute and fun - Thanks for sharing your simple goodness :)

I posted an award for you - have a good weekend and stay cool!