T-Rex Does PDX, Domo Style


T-Rex took a tour of Portland in hopes of making a new domo friend (don’t worry little domos, T-Rex doesn’t bite).

First obligatory stop, Saint Cupcake (domo's most recent visit) for a photo op…which turned out to be closed (drat drat drat).


So, off to Mio Gelato instead to tame our beastly chocolate cravings.


T-Rex was getting a little antsy, so we set him free on the town. And my oh my oh my, what trouble a miniature carnivorous dinosaur can get into in the hoity toity district of Pearl.




I swear, we can’t take this dinosaur anywhere.



Simply Stork said...

how funny...I love it!


Julie said...

It reminds me of the story of Flat Stanley. When the kids get older you'll have to have them read it. It looks like fun. You are so creative!

Shannon said...
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A Spoonful Of Sugar said...

What an adventurous T Rex! Wonder where he will pop up next?

Where's Domo? said...

Oh dear, I just posted under my other blog account - the "real" me. I'm embarrassed! I deleted it as soon as I saw it, but you can probably see who it was in your email. Oh well, I am no longer anonymous to you!

So what I posted was:

I love it!!! BTW, Saint Cupcake was closed the day we went too.

(Wondering if I've done this on any other blogs and not caught my mistake!)

lisa solomon said...

t rex had a BUSY day.... :D

Unknown said...

You guys are too cute!

Anonymous said...

Wish I was there w/T and all the fun. Love the photos...which reminded me...Holden left a renegade PDX TRex here...the one that bites for real. Does he want it returned by TUTU or to be picked up? xoxo

Anonymous said...

Hey - You OK? Miss you.

Mozi Esme said...

This is adorable!