In Which I Use Every Pot and Cooking Utensil in my Kitchen


Angry Chicken's post about homemade paneer inspired me to finally try my hand at paneer-making. It was so amazingly easy, I don't know why I ever hesitated.

Or, just maybe I hesitated slightly because I knew I'd have the insane idea to cook an entire indian dinner to pay tribute to the lovely little paneer and have to set up our entire collection of blocks, legos, books and puzzles to entertain the kids whilst I cooked which would turn our house into complete mayhem. Yes, maybe I did hestitate for that reason. Just a little.


But, the paneer was yummy and did I mention easy? Truly easy. Deceivingly so. Like, 10 minutes for the cheese, 3 hours for the rest of the stuff. Dare I say it was worth it?

I dare do.


(all my paneer pics were worthless hence the pics of the "tree cuttings fort" we made over the weekend. much more visually appealing than cheese, methinks.)


Julie said...

You are amazing! You made cheese! How cool is that. Can you come live by me and help me become a better person? Really, when you coming to visit?

Jessica said...

I was a little bit suspicious when the paneer seemed so easy to make. Now that you say it is easy too I'll have to give it a whirl. And I love that tree fort-looks like lots of fun!

Anonymous said...

Did you make saag paneer? My favorite. So impressive. I am not going to try and make it today but I WILL order take out. Yummmmy paneer.

Anonymous said...

I love how you wrote about paneer and interspersed with kid photos, with no explanation until the end. You probably know how to tell jokes without messing up the punchline too! But methinks you are right: it would be hard to make cooked cheese photos more visually appealing than cute kids frolicking in nature...

lisa solomon said...

i love the disconnect between photos and subject.

i'm so impressed you made paneer. really it's that easy??

Mozi Esme said...

Love those photos!

And I love paneer, too . . . Not enough to make it yet, though.