Sweet Stuff

Today was Holden’s last day of preschool. Bittersweet, because he loves and will miss his friends and teachers (and I will miss those few precious one-child-only parenting hours), but also supersweet that he’ll now be home with Esme and me everyday. He was only attending two days a week, but still, it makes a difference. The irony that this week marks the beginning of school season for many school-goers is not lost on me. We always seem to do things a little backwards around here.

In any case, my babe graduated from preschool today! To celebrate, I gave him a huge hug, told him how proud of him we were and…proceeded to give him the worst haircut of his life.



Aaaack! Oh well. It’ll grow back and will probably advance his social standing in the 4-year-old freaky haircut club by a few measures.

As for gifts for his wonderful teachers, I asked Holden if he wanted to do anything special to say goodbye and as an alternative to his suggested “invite them over to swim in our (kiddie) pool” I suggested making pillows instead. So Holden drew his familiar T Rex renditions on fabric and we incorporated some teacher-appropriate patterns into these pillows.


On another sweet note, I have been awarded!

Jessica from Turkey Cookies nominated me for this pretty Wylde Woman award. She brightens my day as well, so thank you Jessica!

And Amy from Park City Girl kindly nominated me for a Brillante weblog award. Check out the sweet scrap quilt she just made!

So I'm awarding Amy the Wylde Woman award, Jessica the Brillante weblog award (not to be snarky - they truly deserve awards!) and Tracey, Simply and Tanya BOTH awards since they're quite the Brillante Wylde bloggers themselves!

Sweet dreams and happy awarding!


Mich said...

OMG, I died laughing at the haircut pix! Enjoy being able to chop your kids hair off at will. Zoe and Zelda have been "growing their bangs out" forever (they've decided it's "the style") and the sheep dog look is really getting to Tom! But they won't let us touch their hair.

I had to skim the whole we made amazing pillows for our teachers thing, since it makes me feel guilty that we generally just contribute to the gift fund when our kids leave a school.

Mel you deserve something along the lines of the most patient mother who ever walked the face of the earth award!

Simply Stork said...

yup the haircut pics are pretty funny :o) (lololol)

and thanks so much for the award(s) arn't you a sweet one :o)


A Spoonful Of Sugar said...

Love the teacher gifts - so cute with Holdens drawing the focal point! His haircut makes him look more grown up.

Unknown said...

Too cute! Love the haircut - at least he's smiling! If he's anything like my kids it will grow really fast :) And those pillows are great - do you use fabric marker or permanent? My girls would love creating in that way.

Thanks for the award - you are so sweet!

heather smith jones said...

your haircut and pillows are wonderful, and i'm thinking, at least he didn't cut his hair himself!

i am thrilled that you share the noticing project w/ your 4 year old and find similarities, that's awesome!

Jessica said...

Thank you so much for the award!!
I love those pillows you guys made-they are the perfect teacher gift!!!

Anonymous said...

At first glance I thought Holden's haircut looked kinda punk rock but then I looked again and laughed a little. With you, sugar. With you. :) I shouldn't mock, I am about to attack younger son's hair with clippers.

Glad photographic evidence of my wonky hair as a child was able to make you feel better!

Secretly, I always thought I was Wild and Brilliant. So glad you've twinkled me with the proof.
ps- sorry this is turning into a blog of my own but I have to say as a former teacher that those are REALLY GOOD gifts!

Mozi Esme said...

With that smile I don't even notice the hair!