My Summer Vacation


Bike rides, naps, take-out tikka masala by candlelight (no cooking on vacation!), roasted marshmallows for dessert…and breakfast, antique store shopping in Aurora, yurt with a skylight, sleeping in, naps, an owl spotting, more naps, leftover curry for lunch, learning what a yurt really is (even more charming than the picture in my head). Did I mention napping? In a yurt? In the middle of the afternoon? Ahh…nothing better than that. Except maybe for the happy little faces awaiting us upon our return home.

Summer Yurt

And uh, did you know that bats like to live in the flap that lines the perimeter of a yurt? I did not know this, and I’m not sure if I would’ve embarked so happily on our yurt-cation had I known this less-publicized yurt fact in advance. I ended up loving them learning to accept them since 1) they keep the other creepy-crawly variety of creatures at bay, 2) I never saw them unless I peeked under the flap, which I did on occasion just to freak myself out and 3) the park ranger swore on his park ranger badge that they would not fly into our yurt in the middle of the night and get tangled in my hair. Well, he didn’t exactly swear on his badge, but he said that’s never happened before…to his knowledge.


On our way home we passed by this cute little farmhouse that, according to Brian, we “almost bought a few years ago.” What? We almost bought a farmhouse? My recollection was fuzzy, so I asked him to elaborate. “Well…I guess we didn’t quite almost buy it. It was more like we almost went to look at it. Or, we wrote the number down off the sign and talked about looking at it. Or maybe we just drove by and saw the sign and talked about how cool it would be to buy a farmhouse…” Something like that...


beki said...

Oh wow, your vacation sounds wonderful!

Jessica said...

Your vacation sounds like it was absolutely wonderful! I love the pictures and it seems like it was rather relaxing (no cooking involved and lots of napping!)

Apron Thrift Girl said...

What a dream weekend. I like bats but I don't think I would be too keen to have them so close. Any antique finds?

Anonymous said...

Oh my goodness - who knew a yurt was so charming (minus the bat)! Your photos are amazing.

And that farmhouse looks worthy of almost buying again. Wow.

This post is almost too full of goodness!

Have a great weekend,

Tamar said...

Oh man! I want to camp out in a yurt! That sounds fantastic... minus your bat friends, of course.