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Holden's preschool graduation ceremony was last night. In truth, it was a tough day and not for the reasons I thought it would be. My disappointment had more to do with my expectations which sometimes seem to get in the way of reality. But, fun was had by all. And I'm sorry, future Holden who someday may be reading this, but this picture of you in all your preschool performance glory just cracks me up (and makes those aforementioned icky feelings disappear entirely!)

Holden Performance

And don't we all feel this way sometimes when we're put on the spot and told to sing and dance? I know I do.

Anyway. To recharge and refocus, we decided to pick blueberries at a nearby grove this morning. Whilst there, Holden happened upon a little picking-mate about his size. They chatted happily while weaving in and out of the rows and I half-listened while trying to focus Esme on eating from the bushes instead of the picking basket.

My ears perked up when their chatter led to this exchange:

Friend: I like your dinosaur shirt.
Holden: Thanks. I like dinosaurs.
F: Dinosaurs aren't real.
H: I know, they're extinct.
F: No I mean, dinosaurs are pretend.
H: Well, they lived a long long LONG time ago. But not anymore. They're extinct.
F: No I mean, they were never real.
H: Yes they were.
F: No they weren't.
H: OK. How about I believe they were and YOU believe they weren't?
F: OK.
H: Let's go pee together by that bush.
F: OK!


Happy weekend everyone!


mayaluna said...

That photo taken at Holden's graduation Is priceless! It captures a universal angst we can all relate to. Your retelling of the the dino talk-amazing! I wish adults had the same ease in "letting go" and "getting on"!

Mich said...

Believe me, you'll get feedback from future Holden!

I posted a picture of Zelda asleep in a pullup on Facebook and she demanded to know if I had posted an "underwear picture" of Zoe, her older sister, because then it would be fair!

*Sigh* Perhaps our kids shouldn't be so computer saavy.

Unknown said...

That is so sweet! I love that conversation they had - I can't wait for my little boy to get to talking more :)

Chloe said...

Ha ha ha! You go Holden. Great laid back attitude he's got there.

Michelle said...

The picture reminds me of the look on Christy's face a couple of years ago when she was asked to say a few words at a Mother's Day banquet. She had everything written down to read out loud, but the words never came out. She ran off the stage and into my arms.

Mozi Esme said...

That photo cracks me up!

Anonymous said...

That is just SO cute. You know the world can't be too bad when, after a disagreement, you can go off and pee together.

The berry pic has my mouth watering.

Anonymous said...

That's one smart kid you have there. We should all remember to quote him in similar circumstances!

Little Bits Of Everything said...

That back and forth boy banter is something I hear all day long with my two older boys..."So and so can to this...no they can't...yes huh they can...nuh-uh"
Very Cute. just found your blog today, really enjoying it.

Unknown said...

Bravo Holden for defending the lives of dinosaurs ;-)