The Bright Sides

The weight of summer and it's myriad of activities that fill every waking (and some non-waking) moments of the day hit me like a ton of bricks yesterday. Instead of resisting, I let go and rode the lazy day wave whereever it decided to go. It led me straight to the couch, turned on Sesame Street and told me to lay there and absorb the familiar childhood songs and characters that I used to adore, along with some new faces -- Feist singing "One, Two, Three, Four Monsters knocking at my door" to the tune of "1234." Have you seen that? So sweet.

Esme and I ventured to IKEA today and my future crafter picked out this sweet hippo fabric "to do sewing" (don't those ikea product names just crack you up?) I'm not sure what she has in mind but knowing her, I'm sure it'll be big and cute and perfectly wonky. She also insisted on laying her head on a pillow in the cart and making whooooping noises throughout the store, especially the echo-y warehouse portion. If carting around a whooping child will buy me a couple more minutes of frantic shopping time, so be it.

And I somehow managed to organize all my scrap fabrics with the intention of making a scrap quilt. So far I've sewn about 16 scraps together and lost interest. Perhaps because there is no pattern or recipient or intention as of yet. I'm hoping that same wave of "let it be" will take over and the quilt will figure itself out in the end!


Jessica said...

I love that hippo fabric and am terribly bummed that there is no Ikea near by. I also really like your organization system with different boxes for different colors. I have a big scrap box, but I'm always digging though it!

patricia said...

Oh, my family gets a kick out of those Ikea names too. We refer to anything we've bought at Ikea as a *lak lak*. And I love Esme's barnslig.

Paper Dolls for Boys said...

Impressed with Esme's taste in fabric! I've got more to type but my couch is calling to me!

Amy @ Park City Girl said...

Great Ikea find! Their names never cease to amaze - always something new and wackier! I'm sure your quilt will become what it needs to be just when inspiration strikes :)