Portland Paint Chips

Our town journey today consisted of a quest for the perfect house color combo for our new (1912) homestead. We're inspired by that quintessential early 20th century craftsman palette while at the same time trying to avoid the mustard + avocado green vinyl siding phenomenon of the late 60's/early 70's. Tough, I know. But we did find a few keepers.

I had a hard time not getting overwhelmed with all this out-of-reach perfectness (we are far, far away from finished in our remodel endeavour, believe me!!) and in the end, rather than letting it consume me, I surrendered to looking for quilt color combos instead.

You can barely see it, but LOVE the chartreuse door on this one.

Aside from the adorable colors, I had to capture a picture of what is probably the only palm tree growing in Portland.

The kid's favorite house. Add some red trim and I'm in quilt-house heaven!

Yeah, I got bored pretty quick, so we'll be making a run to Yolo here in town to check out colors sans the running commentary from the carseat crew in the back.

Star Quilt
And finally, the finished quilt. Forgive the light, the weather is still grey and rainy around these here parts.

Star Quilt Back


A Spoonful Of Sugar said...

Love your Starry quilt - I have a thing for stars (most of my quilts feature stars in one form or another!)

Enjoy choosing your house colour - I love the colour of the second house. Our home is built of clay face brick in a limestone colour so we can't really paint it. It would be nice to be able to give your home a total makeover my changing the external colours.

Have a great weekend!

tracey@paperdollsforboys said...

Good job on the quilt, you work fast!

I LOVE the houses! The architecture is so funky and the colors are fun. Looking forward to seeing what you decide on!

Thanks for laying along with Town Week! I enjoyed seeing your photos!

lisa s said...

wow. how cute are those houses?

love how your quilt matches too :)

Pam said...

The third house shown could easily have been the house I grew up in, yes..in good ole PDX! We didn't have a palm tree though ;-). We no longer live in PDX but our son does (Multnomah Village) and the houses in his neighbor hood look like they were transplanted from my old neighborhood.

Our home was built in 1928, we purchased it 30 years ago and can't for the life of us imagine living in any other era of home.