Flurries and Starts

Today's post should include pictures from our journey to OMSI, one of our favorite Portland haunts. But I forgot the camera as I so very often do. So instead, here's our current favorite spot in town, our backyard!

Flower Flurries

In between downpours, we can barely wait to venture outdoors to check on the fairy houses, rearrange the pinecone piles, fill the birdfeeders (aka squirellfeeders) and run around screaming uncontrollably with our arms flapping in the air (that's me).

Ring Around

These scenes are from yesterday when petals from the neighbor’s ginormous cherry tree were blown into our yard, creating a flurry of dancing white fairies (as Holden described it).


This is our favorite outdoor picnic spot, under the pines, on my recent thrifted table cloth.

And in craft news, I’m done with the swap quilt…one month early due to my inability to read/grasp/follow directions. I thought the deadline was April 31, not May 31. And yes, my HUGE tip-off should’ve been the fact that April 31 doesn’t exist. I know I know. But it’s done, and I like it and I hope my swap partner likes it too. I'll post pics tomorrow.

And now with all this free time on my hands [ahem] I’ve joined this quilt-a-long. I’m thinking red and aqua quilt, but may go a different direction depending on which fabrics flap their arms and scream to me from the stash pile!


Gamma said...

I thought it was snow when I first looked.
That's a great tablecloth you found.

Looks like Holden and Esme are having fun!

stepstep said...

want that tablecloth - NOW! ;)