I’m too tired to attempt cohesiveness, so here’s a bunch of random.

PlantMarkers Bookmark

More uses for our mega contact paper roll: plant markers & bookmarks. I got the bookmark idea from this cute blog, although I made the photo strip myself as the thought of dragging the kids to a mall photobooth overwhelmed me beyond words. Sitting in front of Photoshop, though. I could handle that.

We watched King Corn recently. It’s really good in an Inconvenient-Truth-scare-the-crap-out-of-you-and-make-you-want-to-go-live-in-a-cave kind of way. It’s an Instant Watch if you’re a Netflixer, which thankfully I am, otherwise I was number 153 on my local library’s wait list. And I slapped my head when I realized the filmmakers themselves were showing the movie and holding a Q&A session at our local library on Monday night. Frick frack frick for missing that.


Holden and I made popovers yesterday from Salad People. I love Molly Katzen. And I love hot popovers.

I’m about halfway through the Alice Waters Biography and liking it. How is it that I used to live 15 minutes from her restaurant and never ate there? Oh riiiiiiight. I was a poor, starving college student and couldn’t afford it. Bah.

Holden’s favorite color is “sparkly.” He told me so while we were making popovers yesterday.

This is my new favorite blog. I hope I’m blogging about growing tomatoes and making pasta from scratch when I’m 94 ½ years old.

Yesterday was raining and 62 degrees. Today was sunny and 92 degrees. Portland's weather is as random as this post. How's that for pulling it all together?


Marie said...

Your bookmark looks great. I hear ya on the Photoshop, you have to pick your battles. Thanks for the link love!

Julie said...

I'll put the movie on our Netflix list. I love your random blog and the idea of random weather. We're above 70 degrees today!