I’m too tired to attempt cohesiveness, so here’s a bunch of random.

PlantMarkers Bookmark

More uses for our mega contact paper roll: plant markers & bookmarks. I got the bookmark idea from this cute blog, although I made the photo strip myself as the thought of dragging the kids to a mall photobooth overwhelmed me beyond words. Sitting in front of Photoshop, though. I could handle that.

We watched King Corn recently. It’s really good in an Inconvenient-Truth-scare-the-crap-out-of-you-and-make-you-want-to-go-live-in-a-cave kind of way. It’s an Instant Watch if you’re a Netflixer, which thankfully I am, otherwise I was number 153 on my local library’s wait list. And I slapped my head when I realized the filmmakers themselves were showing the movie and holding a Q&A session at our local library on Monday night. Frick frack frick for missing that.


Holden and I made popovers yesterday from Salad People. I love Molly Katzen. And I love hot popovers.

I’m about halfway through the Alice Waters Biography and liking it. How is it that I used to live 15 minutes from her restaurant and never ate there? Oh riiiiiiight. I was a poor, starving college student and couldn’t afford it. Bah.

Holden’s favorite color is “sparkly.” He told me so while we were making popovers yesterday.

This is my new favorite blog. I hope I’m blogging about growing tomatoes and making pasta from scratch when I’m 94 ½ years old.

Yesterday was raining and 62 degrees. Today was sunny and 92 degrees. Portland's weather is as random as this post. How's that for pulling it all together?


Marie {Make and Takes} said...

Your bookmark looks great. I hear ya on the Photoshop, you have to pick your battles. Thanks for the link love!

Julie said...

I'll put the movie on our Netflix list. I love your random blog and the idea of random weather. We're above 70 degrees today!