Our Town, Revisted

Portland's endearingly eccentric McMenamins headquarters in McMinnville, OR hosted a UFO festival last weekend. I think the circumstances and these pics speak for themselves. So without any further ado…check out the highlights of the day:

Our first alien sighting…a VW Bus. Haven’t seen one of these in quite awhile and as soon as I saw it, I knew we were amongst friends.

I love Holden's look of “What…? We can’t just take over these comfy, perfectly placed parade-watching chairs???”

Holden’s rendition of a “happy alien,” complete with mezermerizing eyes and encapsulated space pod.

Where else on earth can you openly (and safely) high-five a storm trooper?

I’m short, and Holden already staked claim to Brian’s shoulders, so I couldn’t see much of the parade. I did catch sight of a few clever floats but the costumes were really my favorite.

This alien needs to know that there's better beer on earth than Coors Light.

I think the best costume award (or would that be CONSUME award) goes to my good friend, Tom. Appropriately double fisted, he embodied the true spirit of the day. Rock on Aliens!


tracey@paperdollsforboys said...

It seems like everyday I stumble upon more and more reasons to move to Oregon. Your little guy looks like he is having a blast (lame pun intended)!

Pam said...

Oh man! We were in Monmouth over the wknd, had we known aliens had landed in McMinnville we might have popped over for some out of this world fun!

McMenamins ~ yum!


Julie said...

I just wanted to tell you that my "geek" family has corrected your "storm trooper" sighting to a "clone trooper" sighting. Just want you to be correct in geekville. I've heard it is a subtle difference, but a clear one.