Domestic Physics

As Esme feverishly dismantled the kitchen this evening while I cooked dinner, I was reminded of my favorite physical law: entropy (aka, the only thing I remember from freshman physics). I love the idea that by creating order, disorder is being created at an equal and opposite rate somewhere else in the world (or something like that. I got a C-, ok?). This is reassuring to me because it means that no matter how hard I try, there is never going to be perfection in this household. So really, I don’t try very hard.

Playroom Pillow

The laundry isn’t folded, emails aren’t answered and the floor’s not swept, but I have a craft project ready for the kids after nap, a good dent in some upcoming (top secret!) crafty gifts and my mind and body are rested and ready for the remainder of the day. So for me, entropy is a free ticket to enjoy some simple pleasures without feeling the guilt of the looming…ever looming…undone domestic chores.

Playroom Pillow Back

I’m not sure that my college professors had this in mind during their lackluster lectures on physical laws, but I think it may be one of the most useful lessons of my education.

Pajama Day

Sadly, this law also applies to the craft room. Here is the aftermath of my latest (top secret!) projects.


Tomorrow, as a pre-mother’s day gift to myself from my husband (wink), I’ve been given a majority of the day to dedicate to said (top secret!) craft projects. So peeps…I’m going in! If I’m not out by Friday, you’ll know that entropy has run amock in this house!

Ducky Park


Caroline said...

I LOVE THE LION PILLOW!!!!!! Yea, cute fabric! Go, cute fabric! You rock the house, cute fabric!
You too, Cute Pillow Maker!

Anonymous said...

Thank you so much for the wonderful Miniature Booty Swap! I love the block and yellows are one of my favorite colors. I have been collecting yellows to some day make a scrappy Bear Paw quilt for myself. It was truly neat to receive a quilt instead of being the giver.
Thank you so much.

tracey@paperdollsforboys said...

Happy Mother's Day!

Selina said...

Moral of the story...don't create order in the first place! Put a pair of shoes on and you'll get one more day out of your floor - works for me!