Veg R Us


Not even one week into it and I almost forgot about “Veg Friday!” [Me: Hmmm, what shall I blog about today? The weather? My new shoes? The veggies staring at me from that bin??? Aaack!] So here’s the fate of last week’s veg assortment:


Spinach + Carrots:
These guys became ingredients in Soup au Pistou ala Alice Waters’ Chez Panisse Café cookbook, with major alterations of course. She uses a bean base, but I just made a simple veggie soup using chicken stock and throwing in any willing and able veggies (also used green beans, zucchini, favas, and...umm..something else that raised its hand) then just plopped the pesto in at the end. Alice would cringe if she were watching over my shoulder, but this is easy and fast and still healthy-ish. So there.


Basil + green garlic:
Green garlic makes crazy good pesto, so I made a whole lot of it. Aside from having it in pasta, I also used it in Soup au Pistou and made pesto mayonnaise which we used on sandwiches and hamburgers. I think pesto mayonnaise is the secret ingredient to a happy marriage.


Sweet onions:

Grilled with olive oil + salt + balsamic vinegar all wrapped up in foil together = YUM (thanks Tracey for the balsamic suggestion. It added the perfect zing to the sweet).

I'll most definitely keep better track of our dinners next week because it took a few too many brain cells to remember what we had for dinner last night. And that rainbow chard? Sadly, it's still sitting in the crisper waiting for it's turn in the saute pan. Patience sweet chard...your time will come!


This week we got: Salad Mix, Beets (yay!), Broccoli, New Potatoes, Green Onions, Kale, White Turnips, Parsley, Strawberries.


Can you see that tear in Esme's eye? Daddy couldn't wash the strawberries fast enough for our sweet berry fanatic.

Thanks for tuning in. Join me next week for more veg adventures, and have a happy & safe weekend!!!

Edit: The pictures confused my husband. So to clarify, these pictures are of the veggies that we received THIS week even though I'm writing about LAST week's dinners. He also wanted to add that Chocolate Beet Cake is another necessity for a happy marriage.


Jessica said...

O.k. I'm a sucker for pictures of veggies and particularly STRAWBERRIES (which are still way out of season in NY) but red shoes! I love them! Where are they from- I must get some!

mushroommeadows said...

I love your shoes!!! Love, love, love them! As for the little berry fanatic, how adorable!!

tracey@paperdollsforboys said...

Cool kicks, sister!

Your husband must get a lot of sleep. I didn't even question that the photos and text didn't match.

MamaBlogger said...

Thanks for the shoe love! Jessica - The brand is Tiura, which I've never heard of, but they reminded me of my favoritest Miz Mooz shoes so I had to have them!

Mary Beth said...

Hi Melissa. Just popping over--thought I'd say hi. I adore those shoes. Did you buy them locally, because I'm not seeing much online. Enjoy the CSA--I'll be interested in your Friday posts.

MoziEsmé said...

You are making me very hungry!

disa said...

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