Fava Beans AGAIN???

Yes, yes. I know, I'm a little obsessed. But they are so cute and yummy and fleeting. And they really do signify Spring's arrival (despite the past three days of heatwave worthy temps around here).

Esme Fava

This past weekend Esme fell in love with the little bedded beauties, just as her brother did almost 3 years ago. I showed her how to shell them from their cozy beds and prep them for their bath, whereupon I was immediately dismissed from any more shelling duties with a curt "ME DO." So I left her to her work and was surprised to return to a freshly shucked pile of favas sitting next to a bowl of compost-ready pods!? That little girl knows her beans! After a quick parboil and ice water bath, they were eaten as quickly as I could remove their skins.

And this morning to our delight, we happened upon a solitary fava sitting amongst the living room book pile. How it got there, I can only imagine (Holden thought fava fairies might've had something to do with it), but we were quite ready for fava pancakes (kidding).


A Spoonful Of Sugar said...

Esme looks so industrious shelling the beans. Is is great when they can help!

www.bigbucketgirl.typepad.com said...

Ooooh! Delicious beans and photo! Are they the same as broad beans? If so I could eat the entire bowl raw!

Pam said...

Look at those sweet little toes! And good grief, I doubt I could ever sit like that again! WONDERFUL photo! Fun memory making event.


lisa s said...

can i hire esme to shuck for me? [i hate that part]

and can holden please draw a fava fairy? :)