TGI(veg)F !

Left to my own devices, I’m a completely uninspiring cook. So the fate of the broccoli, green onions, white turnips and some of the kale and parsley were….wait for it….stir fried!!! If you’ve gotta be stir fried, go fresh (speaking from the veggie’s point of view).

I roasted the beets and threw them in the salad mix, with walnuts and some kind of cheese or other, can’t remember. Again, boring, but I couldn’t surrender the amazing flavor of those beetlets to the beet cake. Just. Couldn’t. Do it. Sadly, the beet greens ended up in the compost bin after suffering the humiliation of boiling down for dye and then left to cool on the stove and forgotten for 3 days. Can you say MOLDY BEET GREENS? Ewww.

Rainbow chard finally got its turn as a side dish sautéed with garlic, curry powder and some dried cranberries.

I made a gratin out of the new potatoes and kale ala The Art of Simple Food (Alice Waters newest cookbook. I know – boring again. Even my cookbooks are all by the same author. I need to change that up).

Kale made a guest appearance in three separate dishes: the stir fry, the potato gratin and chicken + black bean enchiladas. Kale shined like a superstar in that last dish.

The strawberries were demolished at first site and we still have some parsley left, but other than that, everything got used up!! I threw much of the non-edible veggie mass and some stowaway spring onions into a chicken stock (or is it broth?) that I made from the remains of a roasted chicken.

I just picked up Super Natural Cooking (Heidi Swanson)
from the library and am so excited to dive in and change things up a bit around here. Has anyone read this? Any other cookbook suggestions?

This week’s bin includes: Romaine Lettuce, Spinach, Carrots, Radishes, Walla Walla Onions, Fennel (my favorite), Rapini (not sure what this is, need to consult veg dictionary), Basil, Strawberries!!!!

Happy weekend everyone!


A Spoonful Of Sugar said...

You did well to use up that supply - and even better to get your kids to eat such a variety of vegies! I love using strawberries on pavlova or in smoothies; love spinach pie; and carrot cake. Have fun with this weeks stash.

Anonymous said...

Haven't checked out your blog in a couple of weeks--our split CSA share is doing MUCH better in your hands than in ours! But I did want to weigh in on rapini/broccoli rabe with this yummy little recipe from Cook's:

Break off the tough ends of rapini then blanch in salted water for 2 minutes and drain. Saute diced red bell peppers (we still have some in the freezer from last summer) in some olive oil for a few minutes. Add rapini, some pitted kalamata olives, and oregano and saute another minute or so. Then season w/s&p and toss with some feta. Delicious!

Simply Stork said...

this all sounds so yummy to me...I am out of greens...might need to take a trip to the market :o)


Chloe said...

Do you know, that does look really good and this is coming from a full on carnivore!

I'll tell you a little simple recipe of mine and its become a bit like comfort food to me now.

You'll need a white cabbage, an onion, bacon and potatoes.
Basically, cut your potatoes into cubes and par boil, slice the cabbage, onion and cut the bacon and fry till the bacon is cooked and the cabbage has wilted a bit, then add the potatoes when they are virtually cooked, fry for a couple more minutes and serve altogether.

Its soo yummy.
Crunchy and tasty!