Love in the Mail

Check out the newest additions to our family!


A beautiful doll quilt, HAND SEWN!!!! by my amazingly talented miniature quilt swap partner! (Check out the adorableness in her shoppe, too!!)


Along with an equally delightful little HAND SEWN doll outfitted in the charmingest of little HAND SEWN dresses and knit caps.


I love the doily detail, the beautiful toile print (I’m a sucker for toile), the colors, the button...I love it all. She used soulemama’s mini quilts as inspiration, which is perfect as I recently purchased a couple of sm’s mini quilt prints.


Did I mention that it was all hand sewn?? I’m in awe. And I'm inspired to get back into craft mode, as I've been in a creative slump lately (have you noticed?). These gifts and sweet note lifted my crafty spirit.

Thank you, sweet swap partner. I’m “simply” delighted!


A Spoonful Of Sugar said...

What a sweet doll quilt - isn't getting crafty bits and bobs in the mail the best! Hope you get your creative spirit back soon...

Mary Beth said...

I love these. Do I spy a superbuzzy print on the doll pillow? You're inspiring me to make use of some similar fabric I have as a pillow.

Simply Stork said...

**blush blush**

you are way too kind...

I am so happy I finally get to leave a comment :o)

I'm so glad you like it, I had such fun making the little mini quilt...It looks like it actually fits the dolly bed (or close I hope :o) horray! horray!!


Jessica said...

I love the mini quilt! Little fun things in the mail certainly make the day, don't they?