Hand Made

No, sadly, not the dress. I wish I had the seamstress skills (and patience) to whip out a dress for every special event I attend.


I can only lay claim to the belt, which took all of 8 minutes to make. The fabric is from superbuzzy, my favoritest Japanese fabric supplier, and it tied my brown dress and unrelated red shoes together very nicely for a beautiful woodland wedding that we attended yesterday.


Speaking of unrelated, this is our garden, newly planted, which now takes up exactly half of our backyard.


Here’s some perspective. Yes indeed, half the back yard and we're thinking of dedicating the entire front to herbs. That's our (soon to be not-pink) house in the upper left corner. Add these veggies to our weekly CSA allotment, and we're getting closer to our goal of getting off the grocery store grid. I say, bring it on, but may be eating my words along with a multitude of veggies when we're up to our ears come harvest time!


A Spoonful Of Sugar said...

I would love to be sitting at your table Melissa come harvest time! Cute belt - it finishes off the outfit.

Tamar said...

Wow! So exciting to get a little closer to being off the grid. Right now our gardening is limited by our association's rules (argh) but I've crammed a lot of potted herbs onto our patio. I can't wait to see your harvest!

tracey@paperdollsforboys said...

I love the brown and red together!

I'm impressed you can wear a belt, I'm way beyond belts these days!

Your garden is very impressive - lucky kids. Cheers!

lisa s said...

i love your belt!

the garden looks like it's going to be fantastic. tip? stagger the planting so that you aren't harvesting all at the same time...

Lace said...

ooooooooo I looooove that dress! Nice way to spice it up!