Pants Gone Awry…and a Family Wedding

I got zero accomplished this weekend craftwise. No, that’s not true… I got negative accomplished if you consider my attempt to make Esme some pants out of a recycled T shirt that are now buried deep in the recycling bin to hide my shame. The instructions are in my new favorite book and there’s nothing wrong with them - well written and clear. It's all user error. I just can’t sew pants. The end.

Portland surprised us with an amazing sun-filled, 70+ degree Saturday in which we played and picnic’d amongst the backyard pines. Holden built fairy houses while Esme screamed at every bug, slug and spiderweb that crossed her path and I lazed on a backyard quilt reading said new favorite book. Even Brian relaxed, a true rarity.

And how’s the weather today, you ask? Yes, well today is 45 degrees and hailing. So Esme and I were treated to a performance of “Holden the Amazing Mosquito” in his homemade “thee-AY-ter” and the kids planned their wedding and got married. That’s normal, right?


Their vows were to:
1) dance
2) be nice
3) love each other
4) tickle their toes


All the normal stuff… The ceremony was a formal affair and activities included trampoline jumping, dinosaur playing, picking out which living room chair would be theirs, duck duck goose and making foccacia. There was some grumbling over who got to wear the pink cowboy boots (Holden won) but it was a successful event overall. Oh and they renamed themselves: Esme is now “Dinosaur Dinosaur Tyrannosaurus Rex Sabine” (I got to choose her fourth middle name) and Holden is Sarah Three Horns. Remember, he’s quite happy in pink cowboy boots so the name shouldn’t surprise you.

Cowboy Boots

As far as my children marrying each other, I’m totally fine with it. I’m just grateful they’re not beating each other over the head with the cowboy boots.


Selina said...

I knew I should put in tickle toes in the vows. How clever are these kids!
I know what you mean about sewing disasters! Hope the quilt of mine doesnt end up where you're pants did!!!!

A Spoonful Of Sugar said...

What a wonderful wedding. Activities like that are priceless. Great to see your kids in the kitchen - they'll be whipping you up a gourmet feast in next to no time!

Lace said...

Hellooooo...Sorry I missed the big wedding! Just wanted to let you know that I've tagged you! Your questions are on my latest post