Craft Room ReDo

In honor of earth day, and due to the fact that I spent 15+ minutes looking for my fabric marker (only to find it amongst the kids’ markers) and then spent another 10 minutes searching for my straight edge cutting thingy (again, a ramp for Holden's race cars), I decided it was time for a craft room overhaul today. But not before busting out this fast and easy fabric ball for a sweet little one-year old’s upcoming bday. I plan on making two more bigger ones once my work area magically reappears.

Baby Ball

So here are our accomplishments for the day:

  • Set up and created labels for a better craft room recycling system.
  • Created a fabric scrap basket that is easily accessible to little gluers and sewers. I’m especially excited about this, because it’s a use for the “scraps of the scraps”…all those tiny scraps of favorite fabric that you hate throwing out but are really too small to sew with. Voila – kid art to the rescue!
  • Created a bin of “repurposed art” which mostly houses Esme’s famous “one swipe and I’m done” painting projects for the kids to cut up, paint on, draw on, etc.
  • Cleaned up our art display area and decided which creations to save, which to give away and which to repurpose.


    And now on to my sewing table…yikes!

    Craft Room Mess


    Mozi Esme said...

    Love your blog! I am so uncreative I love seeing others' creativity and attempting to copy some of it . . .

    And with a little girl named Esme, I don't think I can resist coming back to visit again!

    Mary Beth said...

    I love the ball. I want to make some for my boys. And all the recycling ideas are excellent.

    Anonymous said...

    Love the kid made recycle sign. That's such a good way to get them invested! Gonna steal that. Your craft room looks great. I'm going to try and hit mine tomorrow.

    So glad you're in for the Town week thing. I'm going to start posting on Monday and try and post the whole week. I'll link to you then. I'm not a good organizer but let's just go for it! :) Tracey