Beware the Teacup

I walked into Anthropologie today and instantly threw up. No, not really. But I felt ill looking at all the cute stuff that I couldn’t buy.

There is not one single thing that I wouldn’t want in that place. Even the dust bunnies under the clothes racks are cute. It should be outlawed.

I was thinking I could maybe buy one, tiny tea cup. But the thing with those tea cups…they need saucers. And then the creamer and sugar cup set. And then napkins, dishtowels, aprons, placemats, tablecloths, curtains, hardware, rugs, sofas, new wardrobe…you get the picture. And pretty soon, you’re walking out of there with the entire store in your red-handled shopping bag and nary a penny left to your name.

The good news is, with all that embroidery and patchwork staring me in the face, I walked out of there feeling inspired rather than poor. So I happily packed my mind full of inspiration and brought it all home (And cursed that cute little red-handled bag under my breath).

I also attended this event at Powell’s this evening, although see that big stack of books there on the shelf? Yeah, they were gone. But it was cool seeing the author and it just means I’ll have to plan another shopping trip downtown. Oh wellllllllllllll...

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Gamma said...

oh good, I can't wait to see what you do in the coming weeks.