Just Swap Me

I finished the front of the swap doll quilt today…and instantly hated it. So, I’m starting anew. I know, I'm lame. But there was something about the pattern from the beginning that just didn’t flip my switch. Plus, either a pole shift occurred that caused mathematics and the entire physical world to undergo serious upheaval, or I screwed up on the measurements. Either way, that quilt did not cooperate with the 20 inch square size limit no matter how many times I measured and remeasured. So back to the self-healing cutting board I go…

And, did you see? Superbuzzy is having a sale! I've been eyeing this "Quaint Village" pattern for awhile to use on an embroidered wall hanging in Esme's room and at 20% off, I can finally justify it...along with a few other prints that I couldn't live even one more second of my life without.

My inner voice keeps whispering, "red and brown quillllllllllt." So you know, gotta keep her happy!

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Anonymous said...

I like those fabrics and colors together! I linked over to check out the sale but uncharacteristically was able to resist. Now if I could just tackle some of the piles of fabric in my craft/junk room! Looking forward to seeing the new quilt! Have a nice weekend, Tracey